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Whether purchasing furniture or cabinets through a dealer or a custom woodworker, be sure to ask about Accuride's slides that include special features. Most woodworkers, architects, and designers are familiar with our products and can help you select the best Accuride option for your project.

Here are a few of the special features available:


Do you want drawers to come to a smooth and gentle close? Check out our slides with Easy-Close, one of today's most popular features. Our soft-close action is available on a side-mounted slide (3832EC) and on our fully concealed undermount slide, the Eclipse (3132EC).


Do you have a kitchen, garage, or hobby room where it's important that drawers are kept closed? Our self-closing slides ensure drawers come to a close and stay closed, keeping things looking neat and tidy.


Do you like the look of simple, clean drawer fronts? Or, do you have a family member who has difficulty grasping knobs or handles? Then our touch-release products are the answer. A gentle press on the drawer front releases the drawer and propels it outward about 2 inches.

Beyond drawer slides

Aside from a wide variety of drawer slides, Accuride also offers specialty motion solutions designed to move doors, panels, shelving units, and computer or televisions screens.

Flipper Door Slides®

Also known as pocket door slides, these products allow doors to retract into cabinetry vertically or horizontally over the top of storage spaces. You'll find our flipper door slides in fine furniture, as well as kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom cabinetry.

Mechanical Screen Lift

Accuride’s Ascent is a push-to-operate lift perfect for tucking small screens into cabinetry and casework installed in home offices, family rooms, or bedrooms.