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The importance of quality sliding hardware.

Sturdy shoes and well-made underwear—not exactly the most exciting part of your ensemble—yet no one will deny the importance of purchasing these items. It's the same idea with the sliding hardware used in your furniture or cabinetry. Selecting hardware may not be as glamorous as choosing decorative pulls or the perfect finish, but it is an integral part of what makes your purchase a valuable investment that will last for many years.

Really? Does it make that much difference?

Indeed, it does. Would you buy an expensive car and put bald tires on it? For most people, furniture is an investment, perhaps even a future family heirloom. Why risk having the hardware fail and potentially damage a good piece of furniture?

Sliding hardware. You have choices.

Known as slides, or sometimes called glides or guides, the most basic type of sliding hardware used in furniture is the roller slide. It functions adequately, but tends to be wobbly. On the other hand, Accuride ball bearing drawer slides provide smooth, controlled movement and add significant strength and stability. And over the years, the company has developed a host of features to enhance drawer operation in furniture and cabinetry.

What makes Accuride products so special?

As a demonstration to the company's commitment to quality, Accuride backs all their branded products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which guarantees their slide products against defects in material and workmanship.

Accuride was the first company to develop ball bearing slides for use in wood furniture and quickly became the benchmark for industry quality. As a result, many offshore companies try to duplicate Accuride products. However, there is a marked difference between Accuride products and the imitators, imported or otherwise. First and foremost, you can depend on Accuride slides for quality and reliable performance. That's because we vigorously test all products to meet or exceed established industry standards. We also maintain control over many manufacturing processes others routinely outsource. And finally, Accuride strives to have as little negative effect on the environment as possible. Our environmental policy includes a commitment to adhering to local environmental laws (even exceeding the standards, whenever practical), using raw materials efficiently, and reducing waste.

A long history of quality

Accuride is a family-owned business with a rich history of nearly 50 years as a pioneer in the design and manufacture of precision slide products. The company is dedicated to introducing the best products on the market. You can be assured that manufacturers who choose Accuride slides have made an important investment in quality hardware.

When quality counts, leading craftsmen count on Accuride products.