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Factors to consider when selecting a slide:

Weight of chassis/drawer

To determine the total weight of the drawer, be sure to include the weight of the actual drawer and expected contents.

Side space

Side space is the amount of available room between the drawer side and the cabinet or the chassis and rack. The correct side space dimension is critical for optimal movement.

Height, width, and depth of chassis/drawer

The overall dimensions of the drawer or chassis will be a factor in determining which slide model is best suited for your application.

Depth of rack/cabinet

The depth of the rack/cabinet determines the selection of slide length.


Refers to the distance the drawer extends from the cabinet. The greater the extension, the more access provided to the drawer/chassis contents.

  • 3/4 extension
    Drawer opens partially, approximately 3/4 of the total slide length.
  • Full extension
    Drawer opens the same amount as the slide length.
  • Over travel
    Drawer opens more than the length of the slide.

Disconnect mechanism

A disconnect allows the drawer or chassis to be removed from the case or rack. A lever or latch must be actuated before the drawer can be removed from the cabinet.


Locks secure the slide into a position. A lever or latch must be actuated to move the slide. A lock-out feature allows servicing of components without removing the unit from the enclosure. A lock-in feature prevents drawers from opening until a latch is actuated.

Mounting holes

Mounting holes are indicated and dimensioned on product technical sheets. Only those holes shown with a dimension are to be used for mounting. Non-dimensioned holes are tooling holes that often vary in shape and location on slide members.

Mounting hardware for racks or enclosures

Optional brackets are available to make it easier to mount slides in an electronics rack or enclosure. Click here for the Rack Mounting Accessories Selection Guide.

For additional information on design considerations for electronic enclosure applications, download the
Designing Slides into Electronic Enclosures brochure.