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Standard Test Criteria/Basis of Load Rating

  • Maximum permissible load references a pair of side-mounted slides.
  • Center of gravity of the load is centered between and at the midpoint of the drawer/chassis members.
  • Based on 10,000 cycle dynamic tests.
  • Includes 100% static safety factor.
  • Based on drawer width of 16"
  • Flat mounting slides is not recommended and reduces the load carrying capacity to about 1/4 of the side mount capacity.

Standard Electronic Enclosure Test Criteria
Models 2807, 2907, 2907WB, and 3507

  • The life cycle count for most enclosure applications is 1,000 cycles. Testing is based on a 2,000 cycle dynamic test, with 100% safety factor.
  • Proof test: Additional weight is added to a fully loaded chassis within two inches of the chassis front, for one hour.
  • Salt Spray test: 5% salt spray (fog) for 12 hours.
  • Vibration testing is available upon request. Customer to supply test standards.
  • Load rating is based on bracket mounting of slides to cabinet.