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Corrosion-Resistant Slide Collection

Now there are four stainless steel slide solutions for projects where exposure to moisture or high humidity is a key environmental factor. With load ratings from 100 to 350 pounds, these slides are ideal for:

  • Food service applications
  • Wash-down areas
  • Industrial storage of parts, equipment, tools, or supplies such as chemicals, paint, etc.
  • RVs, utility vehicles, or marine storage…and other applications where high moisture content is a concern.

Click on the model numbers below for detailed product information.

Corrosion-Resistant Slide Collection

Model SS2028
Stainless steel
With the narrowest side space of the group, this model provides an advantage in installations where space must be maximized.

  • 100-pound load rating
  • ¾ extension

Model SS0330
Stainless steel
Providing a load capacity on the lighter side of the heavy-duty category, this slide is for heavier drawers or pull-out shelves in applications that require full extension.

  • 143-pound load rating
  • Full extension

Model SS5322
Stainless steel
The unique features on this model are over travel, for complete access to contents, and bracket mounting, which provides a disconnect method.

  • 265-pound load rating
  • Full extension plus over travel

Model SS5321
Stainless steel
The most heavy-duty performer of the group, this slide offers a slightly narrower profile, over travel, and the greatest load rating of the collection.

  • 350-pound load rating
  • Full extension plus over travel

Note: Check out Model CH3832 for applications that are indirectly exposed to humidity and require less corrosion resistance. This product is a regular steel slide with a special finish that provides 8 times more protection than a standard zinc finish.
Corrosion-Resistant Slide Collection