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David Hartfelder, President of Diamond Case Designs, Inc., specializes in creating fine furniture for home theater systems. Over the years Diamond Case furniture has been featured in distinguished national publications such as Home Theater Magazine, Sound and Vision, Electronic House, Popular Home Automation, Audio/Video Interiors, Home Theater Interiors, Smart TV, Digital Home Entertainment, and DVD ETC.

David recently completed a personal project, when he remodeled his home office.

"Prior to the remodel the room was used primarily as a toy room for our two young kids. We needed to find a way to attractively store the toys and add the functionality of a home office," said David.

To accomplish this goal, David designed several large drawers on heavy-duty slides with removable hanging file inserts. Currently, the drawers are perfect for storing the kid's toys. As the kids get older, these drawers will be converted to files for schoolwork, etc. In addition, since some of the cabinets are relatively shallow, it was critical to use full extension slides to make use of every available inch.

Diamond Case Designs Inc.

According to David, "The key was creating a fun space for the kids that didn't look like a romper room. We incorporated a 42" flat panel TV for leisure time and two workspaces that are perfect for homework."

"We have had years of experience using Accuride products in our home theater furniture systems (www.diamondcase.com), so there was really no question that I would want that same quality in our home office. The over travel slides, generous weight capacity, and integrated detents that keep the drawers in a firm closed position were all welcome (and necessary) features."

For more information about Diamond Case Designs, Inc., visit www.diamondcase.com.

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