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Locking Handle Kit adds lock-in and lock-out feature

 Suitable for installations where the locking feature provides a measure of safety.

RoHS Compliant

  • Compatible with models such as 3640A, 7950, 7957, 9301, and other slides with cross sections .75" [17.5 mm] or greater.
  • Accommodates drawers up to 60" [1.5 m] wide.
  • One-hand operation: activates with a centrally located push-button.
  • Two locking options:
    Front mounted unit – lock-in only (CBHAND-2)
    Rear mounted unit – lock-in and lock-out (CBHAN4-5)
         *Connecting rod not included
         *Lock-out not intended for use with over travel slides.
  • Cut-to-length stainless steel rods allow for varying drawer widths (ordered separately).
  • Lightweight and corrosion resistant components
  • CBHAN4-5: Lock-out conversion kit
    CBHAN3-0100-2: 2 ea. 19.7" [500 mm] Stainless Steel Rods
    CBHAN3-0150-2: 2 ea. 29.5" [750 mm] Stainless Steel Rods
  • NOTE:  The addition of the lock out kit requires an additional threaded bar (not included). See product technical sheet for details.
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