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All Accuride slides are tested in accordance with the guidelines of applicable ANSI/BIFMA specifications. In most cases, hardware alone cannot be rated; the testing standards pertain to the end product. The goal of Accuride is to provide products that when combined with the purchaser's product, deliver a system that meets the governing standard.

  • Unless otherwise stated in the product detail or technical sheet, Accuride slides are rated for the dynamic (cycled) load that an 18" pair of slides will carry without failure. This load rating decreases proportionally beyond the 18" length.
  • In the dynamic test, the center of gravity of the load is balanced between and at the midpoint of the drawer members.
  • Static (resting) load testing is based on placing 2 times the maximum permissible load in a fully extended drawer for 24 hours. The slides are measured for deflection at 0 hours and again at 24 hours.
  • In all cases, the static load capacity of each model is at least twice the dynamic load rating, providing at minimum, a 100% static safety factor, even when the slide is loaded to its maximum rating.
  • Certain slides may be mounted flat under a drawer, but the resulting load rating will be at least 50% less than the load rating applicable to the same pair of slides mounted vertically on the side of the drawer. Please consult the product technical sheet for specific flat-mount load rating information.

Because the slide performance may be affected by factors unique to a specific application, always test slides in your intended application.

Standard test criteria for box, file, and desk drawers (drawers narrower than deep)
Based on 50,000 dynamic cycle tests.

Standard test criteria for lateral file drawers (drawers wider than deep)
Based on a total of 75,000 dynamic cycle tests: 55,000 cycles from the center of the drawer and 10,000 cycles from each side.

Other testing available upon request:

  • Salt spray testing using 5% salt spray (fog) for 48 hours.
  • Static load to failure: Slides are extended and the load in the drawer is gradually increased until slides fail.
  • Vibration testing: Customer to supply test standards.