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About the Belt Sander Racing Association (BSRA)

BSRA Belt Sander Racing Crowd

It was Serious Speed at the 2013 Belt Sander Racing Association's National Championships held at AWFS®Fair, where more than 1,000 fans packed the grandstand to see the sawdust fly.
Photo courtesy of: Bryan Bartel

Gather your pit crews and soup up that belt sander!

The Belt Sander Racing Association (BSRA) was created by Accuride to bring together belt sander racing enthusiasts from all over to have fun and compete at Accuride-sponsored events throughout North America. Take a look at the first BSRA National Championships that debuted in 2007 at AWFS in Las Vegas, Nevada:

BSRA National Championships

What is Belt Sander Racing?

Belt sanders were one of the first power tools repurposed for drag racing. At some point in time, someone got the idea to set up a wooden track and outfit the sanders with extra long extension cords to turn it into a competition. The rest is history!

What is belt sander racing?

Eventual modified class winner Scott Markwood (left) faces off against Bob Kinsella in an exciting preliminary heat. The blurs in the lower right are the sanders rocketing from the starting line!

Most belt sander races include two classes: Stock and Modified. The Stock class requires that the belt sander be a standard product manufactured by a conventional power tool manufacturer. The Modified class allows creative enhancements to improve speed and performance.

Both class entries are encouraged to "dress up" their sanders to add personality. You'll see everything from Hello Kitty to Elvis themed racers-which just add to the fun of the event.

Sanders go down the track

There is no end to the creativity applied to preparing sanders for the race. Here are some of the entries from the 2013 National Championships in Las Vegas.

Where and when are the Races?

Accuride BSRA races will be scheduled throughout North America at trade shows and Accuride distributor open houses. Check here for the latest schedule.

The regional races will culminate in the National Championships, which will be held at AWFS®Fair, in Las Vegas, Nevada in odd numbered years.

When are the races?

The competition heats up as participants vie to take home a championship trophy.

How can I get involved?

Check out our Rules and Regulations and then fill out our online Registration Form. Be sure to specify which event you wish to enter. For more information, contact your local Accuride District Sales Manager.

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