• Happy Thanksgiving from Accuride

Accuride: Moving You Forward for the Holiday

Odds are you and your family are gearing up to hit the road this Thanksgiving. Whether by air or by car, you’ll likely come across one of Accuride’s many products.

That’s because Accuride is a major supplier of precision movement solutions to the most renowned automotive and aeronautical companies in the world–and has been for over half a century.

Providing Solutions Even at 35,000 Feet in the Air
Have you ever been on a plane? Ever examine a luggage compartment? Or the mechanism that adjusts your seat? There’s a good chance you’re looking at an Accuride product at work.

Airlines and manufacturers know Accuride products offer the perfect combination of reliability, security, and ease-of-function. Whether it be self-closing or touch-release systems, Accuride makes the burden of flight just a little bit easier.

Want to know more about Accuride in the air? Visit our website and learn about all the ways Accuride makes travel that much better.

Accuride on the Road
Accuride’s movement solutions aren’t limited to the air. With Accuride being a Tier 2 supplier of automotive sliding systems, you’re likely to find our products in some of the most recognizable brands from across the globe. Those brands include BMW, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan. Some of the products you will find include, sliding armrests, variable-height consoles, cargo trays, and seat-cushion adjustment systems–all of which make travel safer and more enjoyable.

See our video detailing how Accuride movement solutions improve consumers’ automotive experience.

Improving Travel Through Collaboration
Accuride works closely with manufacturers, suppliers, designers, and engineers to develop premium movement solutions. Those solutions can be seen in the use of Easy-Close, Self-Closing, Touch Release systems found in countless automobiles and aircraft. Thanks to our close collaboration with clients and partners, our solutions are always integrated seamlessly and efficiently.

With all that said, we at Accuride want to wish you safe travels and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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