• The American kitchen design marketplace is seeing an influx of European design
  • Two of the year’s hottest aesthetic trends are wood drawers and treated wood and
    plastic cabinets.
  • Accuride’s touch-release and easy-close drawers offer secure and beautiful cabinetry.
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The American kitchen design marketplace is seeing an influx of European design influences. This trend is led by increasingly urban lifestyles and people finding ways to maximize space within smaller spaces.

This observation is one of the significant findings from FDMC’s kitchen cabinet trends survey at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show and International Builder Show. While the findings are not scientific, the trends are obvious.

Being the standard for movement solutions, we take it upon ourselves to stay abreast of kitchen design trends to better serve you—our customers.

Here are five kitchen design trends that are starting to make waves in the North American market:

Treated Wood and Plastics

Accuride Corrosion Resistant drawer slides, such as the CH3832, are ideal for use in outdoor kitchens.

There has been an Increase in the use of treated wood and plastics in outdoor kitchen cabinets. As outdoor kitchens become more extravagant, the need to have them last through all four seasons is increasing as well.

Wood Drawers

Accuride drawer slides are great for keeping your kitchen organized.

More than 68 percent of the kitchens on display used solid wood drawer sides, often with dovetailed joinery and predominantly in maple. Plywood had a brief surge a few years ago, but are not as common now.

While wood is still king in the drawer slides market, the popularity of European inspired metal drawer systems is steadily growing, accounting for more than 22% of displays.

Soft-Close (Accuride Easy-Close)

What was once a luxury innovation has now become an industry standard. More than 75 percent of the featured displays featured a soft-close drawer system.  This gentle trend is also expanding to doors with about 40 percent of the displays featuring soft-closing mechanisms.

No hardware (Accuride Touch Release)

Another thing that emerged from the show was the displays without any applied knobs or pulls. This complementary reduction highlights clean lines and removes obstacles in smaller kitchens.

Integrated Technology (AIAS)

With technology developing at an exponential rate, the demand for it will continue to increase. With that knowledge, approximately one-third of National Kitchen and Bath Association professionals are now allocating space in cabinets for future tech integration. By doing this they leave room for ethernet cables, automation systems, and access control systems.

Home design is perpetually evolving to best fit the needs of the consumer. This is why we make it a point to not only keep up but get ahead of these trends to make sure our customers get the best and most innovative drawer slides on the market.

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