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Jane is the Social Media Coordinator at Accuride International. She is experienced in social media strategy, content creation, and web analytics. She believes in the power of social media to connect people and form communities.

Micro-Living with Accuride in Action

The micro-living movement continues to grow, featuring affordable and efficient designs for different, adaptable lifestyles Accuride solutions are used in a variety of micro-living builds, such as tiny homes, rental campers, renovated buses, and overland

6 Discrete Designs Using Accuride Slides

In this blog post, we want to inspire you with projects that offer more than meets the eye: secret drawers and surprise compartments, to name a few. Whether you’re looking to increase security or expand

5 Awesome Under Stair Storage Ideas

In our previous blog post on space saving solutions, we told you all about the micro-living movement that has gained momentum across North America. Now, we want to share with you five incredible under stair