Family-owned and operated, Sichert is a Berlin-based company that specializes in solutions for fiber, copper, and multi-functional broadband communication networks. Established in 1923, Sichert has spent the last three decades gaining a reputation as the market leader for engineering sustainable and secure structures for intricate technological systems, such as their outdoor polycarbonate enclosures.

To date, Sichert has produced over 200,000 outdoor enclosures for copper and broadband cable networks as well as over 70,000 multi-functional enclosures throughout Germany. Aside from their technical cabinetry solutions, Sichert also provides innovative hardware for above-ground and underground construction equipment, rail and shaft systems, as well as electromobility applications.

Accuride light-duty and low-profile rails underpin Sichert-based enclosures like the one seen above.


When developing their latest outdoor enclosure, Fiber To The Home (FTTH), which utilizes optic fiber from a central point to deliver high-speed internet to residential and commercial buildings, Sichert turned to Zimmermann Norm-und Verbindungstechnik, German distributor and trusted partner of Accuride International. Zimmermann recommended and provided Accuride sliding hardware as a reliable and durable solution for Sichert’s design. Throughout Germany and Europe, this technical supply provider is known for its impressive inventory of telescopic slides, hinges, gas springs, rubber buffers, and more.

What was Zimmerman’s choice in Accuride sliding hardware for Sichert’s FTTH outdoor enclosure? It was none other than the 3832EDO due to the slide’s versatility and ability to meet Sichert’s custom requirements for outdoor enclosures.


The 3832EDO features a detent that keeps trays and racks in an open position. It’s just one of many options Accuride offers for electronic enclosures.

Engineered with a robust detent-out feature, the 3832EDO keeps drawers, trays, and chassis securely positioned when open, minimizing the risk of equipment damage while making routine maintenance hassle-free.

The 3832EDO holds up to 100 lbs. in load capacity and provides full-extension movement–keeping electronic equipment and wires safely stowed away yet easily accessible. Its lever-disconnect feature allows for quick installation and reinsertion, so upkeep of the entire server stays efficient and safe for technicians and engineers alike. Backed by thoughtful and strategic engineering, the 3832EDO ended up being the perfect match of motion hardware for securing and moving the Sichert FTTH enclosure forward.

Another solid contender for electronic enclosure sliding hardware is Accuride’s 2807. Specially designed with a low-profile suitable for 1U to 2U chassis, this model is also accompanied by a fixed front bracket and adjustable rear bracket, making it a flexible yet precise solution for electronic equipment casings. The 2907 also contains a premium lock-out feature that keeps chassis solidly positioned when open for thorough security and safety during routine maintenance and servicing of server racks.

Accuride rails provide reliable movement for enclosures in the most advanced systems, including those for supercomputers.

Complete with over-travel for full wiring and connection access, lock-out for extra-security, and optional mounting brackets that fit various rail configurations and enclosure depths, Accuride’s 2907 is the go-to solution for electronic enclosures. This model of sliding hardware accommodates 1U to 3U chassis and can be found on the Tera 100 Supercomputer–the most powerful system developed in Europe. Comprised of 220 electronic enclosures with 20 servers within each enclosure, the Tera 100 is a military database for the CEA/Military Applications Division Simulation Program. For this large-scale and intricate design, the 2907 was chosen for its low-profile, which maximizes space for the server within its casing.


The Accuride 3507 is a heavy-duty rail with a lock-out feature and over-travel for maximum access. It fits 4U to 8U chassis and handles loads up to 200 lbs.

For heavy-duty electronic enclosures, Accuride offers the 3507. This sturdy solution supports up to 200 lbs. in load capacities and handles larger 4U-8U chassis. Equipped with handy guide pins that assist with cable management and add overall stability, the 3507 also comes with Accuride’s patented One Motion Insertion feature, which eases installation and reassembly when building and servicing heftier and more complex electronic enclosures.

With versatile yet niche solutions for electronic enclosures, it’s never too difficult to incorporate Accuride sliding hardware into designs of any scope. Our movement solutions can withstand the elements as with Sichert’s outdoor enclosures, accommodate heavier chassis, and serve custom specifications for unique, complex projects.

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