• Accuride slides can be used for all types of fun and creative projects.
  • Projects like a concealed kitchen wall or a hidden utensil drawer are just a few of the exciting ways our customers have come up with to use Accuride slides.
  • Do you have a cool Accuride project you want to spotlight? Tag us on Instagram! You can also reach us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn

We never cease to be amazed by the wonder and creativity of our customers. So we want to make this blog post about YOU—because you’re what moves us forward!

Here are five recent customer projects, in no particular order, that wowed our team on Instagram.

Hidden Cabinet@dansco_miami

Pocket doors are making a big comeback, and Dansco Miami’s slick kitchen cabinet shows why. This beautiful kitchen compartment uses Accuride’s 1321 Pro Pocket slides to remain concealed within a beautiful, seamless kitchen wall.

Concealed Pantry (@stewartscarpentryllc)

Stewart’s Carpentry created this fine gem: A concealed pull-out pantry using Accuride side-mount slides. We often find our 3832 family (100 lb. max load) used on smaller pantries, with larger ones often going with our 3634 Easy-Close (150 lb.). You can find some helpful info on benefits and features via our homeowners’ market page.

Toekick Toybox (@grain_creations)

Grain Creations of Gloucester, Mass., crafted this wonderful toybox with a hidden toe-kick compartment. We’ve found that the 3832 Enhanced Touch-Release is popular with this kind of concealed, handle-less application.

Staircase Storage (@matthewmccrossanfurniture)

Kudos to the UK’s Matthew McCrossan for making this wonder! It’s a pull-out storage built into a stairwell. This has been another growing trend, one that adds versatility to an often-unused space. We even profiled this kind of application prefer in a previous blog. Visit our dedicated staircase storage page for some ideas on which model of slide might be good for you!

Multi-Drawer SUV Storage (@trecash6850)

Talk about maximizing the utility part of a sport-utility vehicle! Instagram user Tre Crash assembled these novel storage compartments in the back of his Land Rover LR3. Tre is evidently a big traveler and overlander with a fondness for Land Rovers new and old. Our heavy-duty slides are commonly used on these applications, especially our 9300 Enhanced Series (600 lb. max load). For a list of utility vehicle solutions, you can visit our dedicated market page or download a brochure.

Do you have a cool Accuride project you want to spotlight? Tag us on Instagram! You can also reach us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

We’re always eager to hear from you and showcase your great work!