• Accuride In Action: Sliding Out to Sea with Telemerkki

Accuride In Action: Sliding Out to Sea with Telemerkki

Telemerkki Keeps Seas, Roads, and Hospitals Humming with Accuride Hardware

Finland’s Telemerkki Oy delivers critical hardware for high-stakes fields. Those fields range from the high seas to the ER. In Mission: Critical situations such as these, there’s no margin for error.

That’s why Telemerkki counts on Accuride solutions to keep its hardware moving.

Telemerkki’s console compartments demand robust and heavy-duty movement–attributes Accuride solutions provide.

Like Accuride, Telemerkki is an enterprise with over a half-century of experience. That experience includes manufacturing:

  • bridge consoles in seacraft
  • control panels in healthcare
  • storage for automated systems

Much of those products are custom-built to a client’s specific need. Moreover, Telemerkki boasts a 75% export rate for its products.

Telemerkki supplies command consoles like this one. These consoles serve as a command-and-control system for a naval craft. Such important systems demand reliable operation, like those from its sliding sections via Accuride.

On a recent project, Telemerkki used Accuride slides in a naval bridge console. A bridge console is the command center for seacraft. Personnel uses this system to deliver orders, some of the tremendous strategic consequence. Any malfunction can thus lead to catastrophic results. Hence to use of Accuride products as the movement solutions for this hardware.

Petri Konkari, Telemarkki’s business director, notes:

“We have used Accuride’s slides for the last 20 years as they provide us with the level of durability and reliability needed for our applications.”

Besides bridge consoles, Telemerkki uses Accuride solutions on traffic-control and operation room systems. That owes to Accuride’s wide array of movement systems, including:

  • stainless-steel
  • two-way travel
  • heavy-duty

In manufacturing bridge consoles, Telemerkki chose Accuride’s 9301E Heavy-Duty Slides.

The 9301E delivers full-extension movement for drawers, trays, and other applications up to 600 lbs.

The 9301E has a full-extension design and a 600 lb. load capacity. Exhaustively tested, the 9301E is a trusted solution for commercial and industrial markets.

The 9301E is merely one of Accuride’s many heavy-duty solutions, however.

The 3607 is a full-extension, heavy-duty slide with a mechanism to secure compartments in an open position. Merely pressing a latch disengages the “lock-out” feature. The 3607 supports loads up to 273 lbs. and includes a lever to disconnect a drawer or tray from a compartment.

The Model 3607 is another. It comes with a lock-out feature secures a drawer or tray in an open position. This makes reviewing stored items, such as maps or documents, easy in moving environments. A front disconnect latch lends further convenience for those wanting to take contents on-the-go.

Accuride also offers solutions with hold-in detents and lock-in features. These features keep stored items secured in place even in moving environments. Additionally, Accuride offers slides with for quick, toolless pocket-and-bayonet mounting.

Accuride is fortunate to have such a long and fruitful collaboration with a great company like Telemerkki. Be it global or local, Accuride brings premium movement to virtually any application.

Do you have an application similar to the one featured here? Visit our Aerospace/Watercraft Market Page or contact an Accuride representative to find the best solution for you!