• To keep your house clean and free from clutter, consider installing cabinets and drawers without handles.
  • Consider pull-down overhead shoe racks, such as those used with a tilt-track system, a multi-purpose shoe tray that can easily be transferred from inside to out of doors, or a shoe rack that doubles as a decorative bench.
  • Pocket, flipper, and sliding door solutions provide great storage options while preserving your home’s aesthetics.

We’re in the midst of spring and it’s as good a time as any to consider organizing your home. We want to help you out by providing some helpful tips for creating a nice, organized home (without breaking the bank).

Here are five ways you can make a clean, space-saving home for spring.

1) Make What’s Old New Again with a Little Spick & Span

The key to living in a small space is accessibility to stored personal items in cabinets, closets, and drawers. Over time, a layer of grime may build up on your once beautiful cabinets and doors, removing their luster. Experts like Martha Stewart recommend washing the exterior of your cabinets with a mild soap and water to remove grease and grime and make them look new again. Cabinet hardware, like knobs and handles, also deserve a quick wash and dry with mild soap and water to clean off the old and make them shine again.

2) Get Rid of Those Knobs and Handles

Tired of catching your favorite jeans on a precarious drawer handle? Do you have a handful of broken knobs and screws in your junk drawer awaiting replacement? Knobs and handles can be a hassle, detract from the look of your brand new and freshly scrubbed cabinets and be a safety hazard in a small space. Consider eliminating your fixtures’ exposed hardware with a push-to-open slide, such as the 3832ETR Touch-Release, to easily access your kitchen, bathroom, or desk items. You’ll keep that clean, minimalist aesthetic of your tiny space while making your cabinets and drawers easily accessible.

3) While You’re at It, Hide Those TVs and Monitors

Maximizing every inch of space is vital to living in a micro space, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up your electronics.  Flat screen computer monitors and larger sized television screens can be easily stored out of sight by attaching smooth-working sliding devices under a tabletop or inside of a cabinet. (Those devices come in light- and heavy-duty variants, depending on the size of your screen/monitor.) The micro living lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t binge watch Game of Thrones on your 4K OLED.

4) Have Space, Make More Storage

Now that winter is over, it’s time to wipe down your boots, clean muddy floors, and slide on your summer sandals.  Even if you’re a shoe fanatic, there are countless ways to store your footwear without putting them on display for all see. Consider pull-down overhead shoe racks, such as those used with a tilt-track system, a multi-purpose shoe tray that can easily be transferred from inside to out of doors, or a shoe rack that doubles as a decorative bench. Cabinets and trays come in a variety of finishes to match any décor while saving space.

5) Get Those Doors Out of the Way

Let’s face it.  In a tiny space, you just don’t have 30” of room to swing open a traditional door.  But what if you still want a private area to call your own?  Do you hang a curtain?  Put up a screen?  Try installing a full-size sliding door to divide one space from another. A barn wood door, installed on a sliding track, can give a chic look to your home without disturbing your space. You can buy a complete barn door setup, often with exposed hardware, or integrate a subtle and lightweight design if you have the know-how.

If you still need more storage space but don’t have the clearance for a typical cabinet door, consider replacing them with a pocket door.  This unique door pulls forward then slides back into the cabinet to keep the interior in full view without having a large cabinet door taking up valuable space. Pocket, flipper, and sliding door solutions provide great storage options while preserving your home’s aesthetics.

Whether you’re readying your seaside cabin for summer visitors, tidying your tiny home, or preparing your micro home for blistering summer heat, spring cleaning is an opportunity to let go of the old and bring in the new. Making sure your home looks great on the outside will impress your visitors. Cleaning the inside of your drawers, cabinets, and closets will leave you feeling renewed and your treasured belongings accessible throughout the year.

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