• Last day at IWF2016

Last Day of International Woodworking Festival Focuses on Movement Solutions Provided by Accuride!

Accuride has been known as a movement solutions leader for over 50 years. On the last day of the International Woodworking Fair, visitors were shown how Accuride products can solve many problems when it comes to security, storage and space.

The first thoughts that come to mind when people hear about Accuride is…slide hardware. But with the development of Senseon Secure Access, Accuride has demonstrated that its innovation is not limited to slide engineering. With Senseon Secure Access, retail stores, hospitals, banks, hotels and diverse other commercial establishments can get rid of their century-old locks and keys. Senseon uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and hidden, patented locks to enhance security, efficiency and reliability and improve the customer experience. Cabinet designers and manufacturers at IWF realized that they no longer have to contend with unwieldy and often unreliable locks and keys.

This innovation was the reason why Senseon was a finalist for the Challengers Award!

While security is important, many customers need to maximize storage and space. Accuride addresses these issues with innovative door slide solutions. One of these solutions is the multi-component aspect of the 115RC System. When it comes to system configuration, mounting, and installation, this system is extremely flexible. The versatility of this product opens up a wide variety of potential applications, such as providing movement and positioning for screens, panels, and boards; or medical apparatus, machinery and manufacturing equipment.  If space is an issue, this slide can maximize your limited area.

Visitors were also impressed with Accuride’s Model AL4190, Tilt Track System. This system showed that drawers or trays at shoulder level and higher can be easily accessed. The system uses wheels and rollers to extend the drawer, and an aluminum channel guides the back of the drawer upward as it slides out of the case, tilting the drawer downward for easy viewing and access to contents.

As IWF comes to a close, Accuride would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all who made this fair exceptional. If you weren’t at IWF or couldn’t make it to our booth, we will be more than happy to share with you any information about our slides or Senseon Secure Access.

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