• Thank you for a great IWF 2016

Thanks to Everyone Who Visited Accuride During IWF 2016!

Now that the International Woodworking Fair has wrapped up, Accuride would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all our supporters and well-wishers. It was great to see everyone at the International Woodworking Fair! Hundreds stopped by the booth to check out our redesigned and re-engineered slides and of course, Senseon Secure Access, a finalist for the Challengers Award!

For those who couldn’t attend the Fair or couldn’t stop by our booth, Accuride came into Atlanta this year with some incredible products. Here’s a quick recap:

  • For those looking for a high-performance undermount slides with easy-close
  • technology… the 3135EC is the slide you want to use! Better than ever! The re-engineered heavy-duty 3832 Classic and CH3832 have been re-engineered to improve movement and ease installation.
  • The time to replace your century old locks and keys is now!  Check out our electronic lock security access control system, Senseon Secure Access. A finalist for the IWF’s Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award!
  • Always moving towards the future, Accuride previewed our extra heavy duty slide AL4160 as well as our award-winning, heavy duty aluminum slide, 116RC

Although the show is over, Accuride would love to stay in touch. Follow us on Twitter or visit our Facebook page and stay current with any updates or new product releases. Or better yet, sign up for our newsletter.

Once again, thank you for visiting Accuride during IWF! If you weren’t at IWF or couldn’t make it to our booth, we will be more than happy to share with you any information about any of our slides or about Senseon Secure Access. Let us know!

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