• The International Woodworking Fair (IWF) is coming up and Accuride is excited to be attending.
  • Accuride will debut new products like the 3100 undermount slide series, the linear track system, and the 0363 two-way travel slide.
  • Accuride’s booth (604) will also feature live and hands-on demos of new products and trends like RFID Casework Protection and space-saving micro-storage.

The International Woodworking Fair (IWF) is upon us and we at Accuride can’t wait!

Why are we excited? IWF is one of the world’s largest venues for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals. Each show is a chance for said woodworkers to see the latest tools, designs, and technologies that can enhance their craft. It’s also a chance for woodworkers to connect with manufacturers and suppliers.

In other words: We get to see you!

So? What’s coming for this year’s expo?

Here are a few highlights:

Spotlight Solutions

0363 Two-Way Travel

0363 two way travel accuride slide

The 0363 is a full-extension slide that allows two-way access. We recently widened the variety, making the 0363 available in even lengths from 12 to 24 and 28 in. The 0363 is a great choice for kitchen islands or mobile workstations.

Linear Track Systems

Our linear-travel systems are light, corrosion-resistant, and easy to install. Each system comprises an innovative cassette with a modifiable track. An adaptive design lets you mount these sideways, flat, or vertically. We offer the lighter-duty 115RC and heavier-duty 116RC. Both are great for trays, racks, barn doors, and more.

3100 Undermount Series (Eclipse)

This light-duty family brings great movement into your fixtures without exposed hardware. Choose from the 3135EC (for drawers up to 30 in.) and the 3160EC (for those up to 60). The 3135EC is an ADA-compliant option, while the 3160EC supports ultra-wide drawers. An innovative suspension also cuts down on side-to-side racking. Both include a soft-close feature as standard. The 3100 Series are a premium solution for premium fixtures in homes and boutiques.

Finding Function

Our booth isn’t all talk and show. We want visitors to interact with and gather ideas from our solutions. Some of those interactive features will include:

Space-Saving Micro-Storage

Want more efficient use of limited space? Have a look at our mobile storage display! This creative storage cabinet maximizes every inch of space with the minimum of square footage. You’ll find overhead, side, and central storage compartments. This is a wonderful concept for retail kiosks or micro-living spaces.

Live & Hands-On Demos

Browse on one of our touchscreens, watch how-to and installation videos, hear testimonials from customers and see how our product is being used by your fellow woodworkers!

Want more efficient use of limited space? Have a look at our mobile storage display! More at IWF 2018, Booth #604

We will also be offering live installation and product demonstrations, throughout the show!

RFID Casework Protection

We’re not just about moving the design forward—we’re about protecting it, too. That’s why our booth will have a demonstration of Senseon, an easy-to-use and fully concealed RFID access control system. Senseon’s helpful staff will show you just how simple and beneficial Senseon can be for your creations!

These are only a few of the great solutions that’ll be on display. You’ll have to come swing by Booth #604 to see the rest! (We’re not giving away everything so soon, after all!)

(If you need reminding, IWF 2018 runs from Aug. 22-25 at Atlanta’s George World Congress Center.)

And remember: Stay connected with Accuride!

Tune in for live broadcasts, #AccurideIWF, Booth #604