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Meet Accuride’s Best Unofficial Employee

We’ve recently gained some media recognition and it’s not only turning heads, it’s wagging tails. Our southeastern district sales manager, Michael Reeg and his new co-worker are making some real headlines. As the story goes, every dog has his day. In this case, her name is Meeka and she’s a hard worker.

Meeka - Accuride Employee of the Quarter
Meeka & Accuride Southeastern District Sales Manager Michael Reeg

Enter into our tale, Michael Reeg, who works as the Southeastern District Sales Manager. One of Michael’s exclusive employee perks is that he gets to work out of his home—where he’s traded co-workers for canines. Michael has two dogs that get him motivated and ready to make some one-of-a-kind sales. There’s especially one four-legged-friend that fires him up- Meeka.

“Transitioning to a home-based position was quite a change,” said Michael. “It’s quiet here and you need to get yourself fired up and excited about the day. And having Meeka—a faithful companion in the office certainly helps.”


Michael’s mornings have been such a jumpstart with Meeka that he’s recognized her efforts. Meeka, who is working like a dog, doing her part to keep Michael company during the business day, is finally getting some much-deserved recognition.

“As my wife and kids are off to work and school, our dog Meeka has made it point to fire me up,” said Michael. “She’s really my wife’s dog, so she only comes up to the office when my wife is gone. She’s like my dog-gone boss.”

So what did Michael do to give man’s best friend some much-deserved recognition as a valued co-worker? He created “Employee of the Quarter” picture plaques for all four quarters of the fiscal year 2016. He hung them on the wall in his home office for all the world to see.

It wasn’t through Michael that we found out about their hero hound. Madison Reeg, Michael’s daughter, took a photo of her dad’s wall of appreciation while she was home from college. She tweeted the picture and it went viral. The rest is history. From MSN to BBC News, Men’s Health to People Magazine, the internet is talking, liking, and sharing Meeka. We’ve estimated around 200 million people have seen our four-legged ambassador.

So what’s next in line for the canine? Maybe Meeka’s sister Kya might make a mad dash at Accuride’s “Employee of the Quarter” for Q2, 2017? Either way, we can’t wait to see the results.

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