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“Always Moving Forward” means knowing where you’ve been. With a typical large-scale project including 372 electric-driven mobile units comprised of 5,000 drawers and over 14,000 shelves, Metallivalmiste A. Laaksonen (MALO) depends on tried and true movement solutions that offer maximum durability and the highest performance on the market. That’s why MALO chooses Accuride slides for their archive shelving systems time and again.

Established in 1968, Metallivalmiste A. Laaksonen is a family-owned company based in Finland that specializes in designing and manufacturing high-grade mobile and stationary storage systems intended to preserve maps, paintings, and drawings with historical value.

Within their 50 years of innovation and success, MALO has partnered up with Accuride for the last two decades to continue their promise and tradition of flawless operation for storing sensitive, archival materials. The 3301, 3832, and SS5321 are among the growing list of Accuride products that have proven themselves, helping this Finnish company produce remarkable and functional shelving systems for their clients year after year.

Most recently, MALO utilized Accuride’s 115RC Linear Track System for their ARKISTO 2000 model, a mobile shelving system that prioritizes an efficient use of space while providing a massive volume of storage. Due to its impeccable design, the ARKISTO 2000 remains a stronghold for protecting yesteryear’s handiwork and artwork at both the Estonian National Museum and Espoo Museum of Modern Art.

Holding up to 265 lbs. of load capacity, Accuride’s 115RC includes aluminum tracks along with recirculating ball carriages to supply movement, guidance, or positioning for screens, panels, partitions, and many other storage cabinet components–perfect for the ARKISTO 2000’s versatility. This movement solution is also specially engineered to allow the installation of multiple carriages into aluminum tracks or the separate use of carriages to create independent movement.

Providing robust, unfailing motion while remaining customizable for storage systems of any scope, Accuride’s 115RC aluminum tracks are available at lengths of 47” and 94” with or without pre-drilled holes, along with your choice of steel or polymer ball bearings for the carriages. The tracks may also be cut down shorter or butted together to extend their maximum length.

Petteri Laaksonen, Managing Director at MALO, shares why they have used Accuride movement solutions in partnership with local hardware supplier Carlo Cassagandre & Co. Oy for over 20 years.

“The product range is really wide, and delivery times are fast. The feedback from our customers has been excellent in relation to the operation of the rails. We have increased the use of soft-­close in many products and offered it as an alternative for almost all projects, especially in museums where customers consider this feature to be essential.”

To see more of MALO’s innovative work, visit their website or watch this video on the ARKISTO 2000. Also, feel free to read up on the 115RC Linear Track System in our product catalog.

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