• Accuride & Bisco Industries - The Value of a Manufacturer/Distributor Partnership

Bisco Industries – The Value of a Manufacturer/Distributor Partnership

Odds are if you use Accuride products—and, reading this blog, we’d like to think you do—you bought that product from a trusted distributor. For over half a century, Accuride has sold its products through credible and dependable partners.

Bisco Industries is one of those great partners.

We recently profiled Bisco in a video. In it, we explore how the Bisco team delivers quality products and services across industries.

“Simply put, we believe the customer is king,” says Zach Ceiley, Bisco’s VP of sales and marketing. While a simple statement, it makes an important point: Bisco, as with any company, must value the needs of the customer and work tirelessly to address them.

Headquartered in Anaheim, Calif., Bisco is a leading supplier of hardware for aviation, electronics, and other key industries. That hardware includes:

  • cabinets
  • enclosures
  • racks
  • spacers
  • fasteners

Oh, and Accuride slides, too. (Apparently, our 9300 Heavy-Duty Series is a favorite with Bisco customers.) As Josh Uhlich, director of materials, points out in the video, Bisco has great reach in service thanks to seven distribution hubs and around 50 total locations across the continent.

That effort to customer service requires tremendous effort to face ever-evolving challenges.

“I’d say the biggest challenge our salespeople and our organization at Bisco Industries is facing is the ever-increasing demands from…prime contractors or working with the government…to have a quality product delivered on time.”

“Accuride plays a role in overcoming those challenges,” adds Zach.  “We lean on Accuride for their dynamic products and also their exceptional team members.”

Manufacturer-distributor relationships, like the one between Accuride and Bisco, ultimately benefit you the customer. A quality product can only work if it’s readily available to you, and that means having a distributor who serves you with that product in a timely manner. If a manufacturer or distributor fails to meet that positive expectation, then the relationship breaks down and you, the customer, suffer from a malfunctioned product or a late delivery.

That’s even worse when you’re a business owner who needs that hardware to complete projects for other clients. Delays, be it with consumers or government agencies, can mean a potentially ruinous loss of business.

That’s something Bisco and Accuride understand, which is why we’re committed to giving you the best products and service out there.

Till the next blog!

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