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New meets old. Recycled gets repurposed. Claimed becomes reclaimed. That’s the philosophy that gave life to Jon Ward’s Natural City Furniture in the United Kingdom. Much of his built-to-order furniture is developed from reclaimed wood. And once that furniture nears completion, Ward outfits them with Accuride slides.

“We take great pride in the fine quality of our handcrafted furniture. And when it comes to adding components, we utilize only the very best materials,” said Ward. “Selecting less expensive, non-branded hardware ultimately cheapens our finished product. Accuride offers us the consistency of finish, as well as accuracy–maximizing productivity and minimizing our downtime.”

Whether it’s storage for your home, tables for your restaurant, or bookcases for your shop—all Natural City’s work is one-of-a-kind. Contemporary chic fused with urban modern. Industrial strength meshed with midcentury style. Its timeless, rustic styling that easily stands out to become the focal point of a room or entryway.

But when it comes to the sliding hardware for bespoke furniture, Jon Ward decided to go beyond the UK to find just the right product to utilize.

At Accuride, we share the same sense of passion that Natural City Furniture does. From off-the-shelf to custom movement solutions, we are home to the largest such tooling operation in North America. With over 50 years of experience and one million square feet of manufacturing space worldwide: We know slides!

“By using Accuride’s drawer slides, they add a new dimension of confidence when guaranteeing our furniture to our wide range of customers,” Ward continued. “It’s like built-in peace of mind. You can rest assured that you have purchased the ultimate in quality and your satisfaction won’t be comprised.”

We have established a rock-solid partnership with Natural City that shows on social media. Whenever Natural City posts one of its newly minted office desks, bedside cabinets, or scaffold board storage beds on Pinterest, Instagram, or Etsy, their captions always mention Accuride.

Accuride and Natural City Furniture have managed to complement each other perfectly. Find out how a relationship with Accuride can help your company by visiting

Images courtesy of Natural City Furniture.

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