AL4160: The New Super Heavy-Duty Slide


AL4160: The New Super Heavy-Duty Slide

Accuride is debuting its new super heavy duty AL4160 slide. The AL4160 was released to address a market need for a slide that supports heavy loads and performs in harsh environments but also is lightweight,

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Your Friend Accuride: OEM Edition

Manufacturers love working with Accuride because of our over 60 years’ industry experience, our global presence, our vast and dependable array of products, and close support integrating movement into your designs. Accuride products are used

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5 Far-Out Trucks Mods (Using Accuride Slides)

From emergency vehicles to overland trailers or micro-living vans and SUVs, Accuride’s heavy-duty, high-performing movement solutions make space-saving and storage an absolute breeze. Inspired and impressed by the unstoppable movers and shakers within our community,


Accuride Solutions Pioneering The Past

MALO, a family-owned company based in Finland, has partnered up with Accuride to help in designing and manufacturing MALO’s high-grade mobile and stationary storage systems intended to preserve maps, paintings, and drawings with historical value.


How Accuride University Helps Us Help You!

Accuride University is the new hands-on training program all Accuride staff undergo. The program consists of multiple courses, with each course lasting about a week. Amongst other things, students are trained to dis- and re-assemble