• Enhanced 9300 Heavy Duty Drawer Slide Series

The 9300 is Enhanced and Ready for Heavy-Duty

At Accuride, our goal is deliver solutions that not only meet, but exceed our customers’ expectations. Part of how we do that is by investing thousands of hours re-engineering our solutions. This is evident with our latest enhancements to the 9300 slide family.

Heavy Duty Drawer Slide Accuride

The 9300 series of heavy duty drawer slides were already amongst the strongest slides in its class with a load rating of 500 lbs. Now with a load rating of 600 lbs. and enhanced travel, we’ve widened the gap against our competitors.

We didn’t stop at making these slides stronger, we’ve added shock-absorbing ball space bumpers that reduce impact noise. The bumpers make for smoother travel by softening the closing impact, keeping the contents inside from being disturbed. The 9300 series has many applications and can be found in various industries. Key applications are found in emergency vehicles, heavy-duty storage units, ATM machines, and even in the home. Click on the image below to view some of the applications for the 9300 series related to cabinet hardware.

pull out kitchen pantry drawer slides

This addition makes these slides great for residential applications such as large kitchen pantry pull-outs and other residential storage needs.

To craft the best drawer slides in the world, every detail has to be accounted for. When designing the 9300 we looked at every component to ensure our drawer slides would be the most reliable slide on the market. The springs have been re-engineered to enhance the lock-in and lock-out features on the 9307 and 9308 models.

With this enhancement, these slides are primed and ready to go on the road in mobile storage applications like luxury RVs and custom camping setups like this one from Battad Ohana

Courtesy: Battad Ohana

The improved springs allow these slides stay in their locked position even when driving on rough terrain.

While this slide was engineered with utility vehicle storage, industrial storage applications, and residential applications in mind, they also serve as an ideal solution for wide drawers. This heavy-duty drawer slide series can carry up to 480 lbs. in drawers that are 42” wide.

Accuride’s 9300 series was already among the best drawer slides in its class. These enhancements help us to widen the gap against our competition. In a benchmark test against some of our competitor’s slides, Accuride is the only slide that made it to 50,000 cycles at max load capacity.

For more information on these premium, industrial heavy-duty drawer slides, visit: www.accuride.com/stronger.

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Make sure to watch this Jeep Expedition Kitchen DIY. It’s a great application of our 9300 slide. Video courtesy of AL Smith Studio.

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