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Space Saving Solutions: Under the Staircase Storage

Accuride Under the Stairs Drawer Slides Maximizing Space

Micro living has been gaining a mainstream following throughout North America lately. Though it’s been the European norm for ages, many North Americans are making the choice to sacrifice the comfort of a large living space. Whatever the reason, micro living or living in small spaces doesn’t mean you have to be limited when it comes to your storage space. Micro-living simply requires innovative use of space—and it doesn’t get much more innovative than under-stair storage.

The brilliance of Touchwood Designs’ under-staircase solution was creating a functional storage space. A pair of full extension drawer slides is mounted at the base of the unit and a single slide is mounted at the top to stabilize and guide the movement of the pullout units. These unique storage drawers can also have enhanced features such as Touch Release (held closed until the front is pressed open) and Self-Close (closes drawers and keeps them closed).

Touch Release Mechanism
Self-Close Mechanism

Touchwood Designs founder Paul O’Regan—who has been a successful carpenter in Ireland since 1992—claims the challenge was not only the length of telescopic drawer runners but also the weight.

“The best solution for my initial under-staircase storage drawers was the *5321SC self-close heavy-duty slide.”

                             *5321SC is only available in Europe. The equivalent North American Model is the SS5321.

Paul stated. “They’re load rated up to *120kg and provide full-extension.” The 5321SC slide solved the fitting and load problems, plus it also prevented the units from creeping out as the self-close mechanism holds the units closed. On some of the larger units, Paul utilized the heavy-duty 9301 runners.

                            *SS5321 has a load rating of up to 350 lbs.

“Accuride slides greatly improve the quality and performance of my under-staircase storage system”

Paul said. “The product provides confidence and peace of mind that the runners will work time and time again.”

Accuride has a number of recommended movement solutions for just these kinds of applications.  Take our newly enhanced 3800 slide family for example. The addition of longer ball retainers and added ball bearings make these slides smoother and more resilient than before. Also, a face-frame mounting hole has been added to make installation easier. Perfect for your next staircase storage space project.

drawer slide with smoother movement

3832E full extension slides are suitable for drawers and pull-out shelves enhanced for better strength and more reliable movement.

7957 Full extension wide drawer slide

What about wider drawer applications to accommodate dry goods and cookware? Accuride has an answer for that, too—the 7957 Full Extension Slide. It’s a great heavy-duty alternative that can handle drawers up to 42” wide in a .75” cross-section slide space and has a load rating of 350 lbs.

Whatever your storage application, visit our website to learn more. Together, we’ll find just the right solution to ensure your project is a sliding success.

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