• Senseon Secure Access by Accuride featured in STORES magazine

Senseon® Secure Access Control by Accuride® Spotlighted in STORES Magazine

Accuride International’s Senseon secure access system is gathering more positive focus: STORES, official magazine of the Natl. Retail Federation, is spotlighting the cabinet-level access system in its latest issue.

Accuride’s advanced access control system, which launched earlier this year, utilizes a programmable card or fob that enables users to access secured contents with a tap in front of an electronic reader. This seamless form of access control can be used for financial, retail, and healthcare spaces, among others.

Lauri Giesen, the article’s author, zeroed in on several of Senseon’s key features. Those include support of up to:

  • 5 administrators
  • 100 users
  • 15 doors or drawers

On top of that, the system can withstand a pull force of up to 250 lbs.

Designers can easily customize Senseon to any number of displays, all while keeping the security system out of view. That means signature retail spaces won’t have to worry about their carefully sculpted aesthetics.

Senseon’s controlled access also means that retailers can store more inventory in showrooms without worry of making those items vulnerable. Associates can have easy access to items for quick handover to customers. That’s a lot of time, as well as customer goodwill, saved.

As Accuride’s CEO, Scott Jordan, explains: “[Senseon] offers a simple, better way to reduce theft, streamline operations, ease employees’ jobs and improve the customer experience.”

Administrators can add or cancel user-access—a big benefit in environments that can see high turnover. Managers no longer have to fret about crafting new keys or locks. Senseon access is entirely programmed.

“You don’t have to worry that employees will forget to relock a cabinet after showing merchandise,” says Greg Rewers, Solutions Marketing Director at Accuride. “This [system] can be programmed to automatically relock…seconds after it’s been opened.”

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