Accuride Slides Keep Modern Campers Moving

Easygoinc is an Austria-based outdoor living company. Their new project, VANLIFE, is a camping van conversion service that provides custom vehicles with optimized storage for all the essentials and outdoor gear you need for life

Accuride in Action: Rising to a Historical Challenge

Accuride recently partnered with the Hungarian Competition Authority on a project to revitalize their headquarters, a historic building originally constructed in 1869. Accuride’s Hungarian distribution partner, BIOTEK Kft., Ascent mechanical lifts (model CBLIFT-0019) were included in the Competition Authority’s new

Accuride In Action: Sliding Out to Sea with Telemerkki

Telemerkki Keeps Seas, Roads, and Hospitals Humming with Accuride Hardware Finland’s Telemerkki Oy delivers critical hardware for high-stakes fields. That’s why Telemerkki counts on Accuride solutions to keep its hardware moving. When manufacturing bridge consoles for ships,

Accuride in Action: Making the Home of the Future a Reality

Accuride is partnering with Joseph Wheeler, professor at Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies, to build a bold and visionary FutureHAUS. The FutureHAUS is a modular concept home using the latest innovations to create an

Accuride in Action: 1st In Emergency Products

1st In Emergency Products is a New Jersey company that modifies passenger vehicles for police, firefighters, and paramedics in and around New York. Accuride plays a role in ensuring 1st In’s mission by providing 9301E Enhanced

Always Moving Forward (on Hyper-Rail!)

A maglev (short for magnetic levitation) is a type of train suspended and propelled by magnetic force. Combined with an aerodynamic shape, these trains can easily reach speeds over 250 MPH. Maglev trains are becoming

5 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends to Look Out For

The American kitchen design marketplace is seeing an influx of European design influences. Two of the year’s hottest aesthetic trends are wood drawers and treated wood and plastic cabinets. Accuride’s touch-release and easy-close drawers offer

Pioneering Automotive Movement Solutions

TL;DR Accuride International is at the forefront of new technology breakthroughs in the automotive industry. Collectively, Accuride engineers have over 100 years of automotive experience in a variety of disciplines. As the largest manufacturer