Your Friend Accuride: OEM Edition

Manufacturers love working with Accuride because of our over 60 years’ industry experience, our global presence, our vast and dependable array of products, and close support integrating movement into your designs. Accuride products are used

Accuride Solutions Pioneering The Past

MALO, a family-owned company based in Finland, has partnered up with Accuride to help in designing and manufacturing MALO’s high-grade mobile and stationary storage systems intended to preserve maps, paintings, and drawings with historical value.

5 Ways to Overhaul Your Home for a Clean and Efficient Spring

To keep your house clean and free from clutter, consider installing cabinets and drawers without handles. Consider pull-down overhead shoe racks, such as those used with a tilt-track system, a multi-purpose shoe tray that can easily be transferred

Accuride: The Firefighter’s Friend

Firefighters depend on top-quality, reliable equipment to do their jobs and keep them safe. Accuride’s recently enhanced 9308 slides, make it easier for firefighters to access their Hurst Rescue tools and other auxiliary tools. Accuride has partnered

How the 116RC is Changing Hospital Sliding Solutions

Accuride is releasing the new 116RC heavy-duty linear track system. This innovative system is useful in building sliding door systems, particularly those found in hospitals. The system’s lightweight track and cartridges allows for easy installation and

Your Friend Accuride: National Aviation Day

Accuride has made a name for itself in the aerospace industry by creating resilient, lightweight movement solutions that bring comfort and style into the aircraft interior. Accuride aircraft interior sliding hardware can be used to

Your Friend Accuride & National Safety Month

TL;DR First responders, medical professionals and the US military all rely on Accuride products. Accuride heavy-duty slides can be found in firetrucks, ambulances, and police vehicles around the world. Accuride’s healthcare sliding solutions open every