• Pyrolytic Slides: What They Are and Why They’re a Big Deal

Pyrolytic Slides: What They Are and Why They’re a Big Deal

The kitchen has come a long way in the past few decades. WiFi-enabled appliancesSettings you can adjust with your smartphone. Alexas and Echos everywhere…

Oh, and the pyrolytic oven. It may not have all the buzz of an Amazon-this or Apple-that, but the pyrolytic oven is a step forward for the kitchen. And every step forward brings with it new challenges.

What IS a Pyrolytic Oven?

A pyrolytic oven is a type of self-cleaning oven. Though it’s existed for some time, this type of oven has become very popular in Europe in recent years.

Pyrolytic ovens have cycles that generate temperatures up to 500°C (over 900°F) for self-cleaning.

The oven’s self-cleaning happens through a pyro cycle. The pyro cycle drives up extreme temperatures that turn messy leftovers into ash. The cycle takes a few hours. Once completed, you use a damp cloth to wipe away the ash. That simple!

The Challenge: Progress Has a Price

The tremendous heat of a pyrolytic oven tests the limits of telescopic slides on oven racks. Many slides, especially on the lower end, aren’t designed to handle that level of heat. The metal components of a slide will likely distort, ruining the slide entirely.

Most telescopic slides can’t handle the pyro cycles of self-cleaning ovens. That’s why Accuride Europe made specialty slides that could.

There can be a more troubling matter with a slide’s lubricants. Telescopic slides use greases or pastes to smooth movement between parts. But those lubricants are often not made to handle temperatures up to 500°C (over 900°F). They can burn, and can even emit harmful gases.

The Solution: Pyrolytic Slides

Because of this, some buyers of pyrolytic oven have given up on the convenience of sliding trays. Others go through the inconvenience of removing their trays and slides before starting the pyro cycle.

Luckily, Accuride’s European team devised a solution with telescopic slides designed to handle pyro temperatures.

The team achieved this thanks to many in-house resources, including:

  • 3D modeling
  • Rapid prototyping
  • On-site testing

Accuride engineers worked closely with oven designers to craft, and test, a solution. That solution had to deliver Accuride’s signature-smooth and lasting movement while also handling intense temperatures.

After running through several test models, engineers and designers found one that achieved the high standard needed.

These specialized pyrolytic slides use graphite inserts, as opposed to grease, to allow sustained movement for the sliding components. Not only do they withstand pyro cycles, they’re also dishwasher-friendly. Most importantly, they don’t release any harmful emissions.

As Sid Kalantar, Sr. VP of Sales, noted:

“Working with Accuride means working with an international company that has over 50 years of proven innovation. Our breakthrough work in pyrolytic slides is a testament to that innovation. I want OEMs to know: Whatever your challenge in movement, we’ll help you overcome it and beyond.”

Score one more innovation for Accuride!

To learn more about Accuride Europe’s pyrolytic slides, read our Thanksgiving Day press release about our different solutions. If you’re an OEM in North America interested in pyrolytic slides, contact our OEM Direct Team. For all the latest on movement solutions, stay connected with Accuride!

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