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Your Friend Accuride: Aviation

Have you ever wondered how the features throughout an airplane work? It may just be your friend Accuride in action!

Tomorrow, August 19 is National Aviation Day, a holiday proclaimed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1939 on Orville Wright’s birthday. The holiday, established 36 years after the Wright Brother’s took flight, directed federal buildings and installations to fly the U.S. flag to encourage citizens to observe the day with activities that promote interest in aviation in 1903.

At Accuride, we choose to take a look at where the aerospace industry has been and where it’s going. Take for example the trend of airlines searching for new ways to get more people on planes. This trend puts maximizing usable space in high demand across the industry.

Over the years, Accuride has made a name for itself in the aerospace industry by using our renowned problem-solving skills to create resilient, lightweight movement solutions that bring comfort and style into the aircraft interior.


Let’s take a look at the five ways Accuride aircraft interior sliding hardware enhances the comfort of the airplane cabin:

Adjustable Armrest

Aside from the wow factor, an adjustable armrest allows passengers to sit in a more ergonomic position throughout the flight. Thus, alleviating some tension on the body after long overseas flights.

Privacy Panels

With Accuride slides, first-class passengers can raise a partition that allows them to sleep, snack, and browse without disturbing their fellow passenger.

Tray Tables

As airlines continue to install monitors on the back of seats, they’re looking to place tray tables in other convenient locations. Fortunately, Accuride’s low-profile slides are available to safely and conveniently store tray tables within the armrest.

Sleep pods

Using Accuride slides, your standard seat transforms into a full-recline bed for maximum comfort in flight. Once safe to do so, passengers can recline their seat into the perfect bed to take a nap.

Screen Mounting

Although many airlines are now streaming movies and TV shows via passenger devices using Wi-Fi as part of their in-flight entertainment (IFE) options. Some airlines are doubling down on the amenities toward their business and first-class passengers. Airlines like Emirates, Singapore Air, and Lufthansa provide IFE options for these passengers on long flights. Using Accuride solutions, passengers can adjust their screens to their liking.

Comfort isn’t the only way we optimize the cabin, our slides with detent-in and lock-in features keep galley storage compartments secured during take-off, in-flight turbulence, and landing. These features ensure that passengers and flight crew remain safe. These slides also lend a hand in optimizing storage space on an aircraft to open up more living space.

Next time you’re on a flight, check out some of the features. You may just find an Accuride sliding solution in action. Until then, check out our product catalog and see how our solutions can fit into your aircraft interior.

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