Your Friend Accuride

Sometimes you find a good friend in a place you’d least expect. Accuride is that friend.

Being a leading manufacturer of drawer slides, Accuride is bound to turn up in places you don’t really think about.

In a sense, Accuride is the friend you never knew you had.

Accuride slides are heartbeat tools found in a wide variety of applications, from hospital storage to emergency vehicles. For good reason: Our slides won’t fail when you need them most.

When firefighters arrive to the scene of an emergency, they don’t have time to struggle opening an equipment drawer. They need to be able to quickly access equipment and tend to the situation they’ve been called to.

The work first-responders and military personnel do every day can be daunting, and we recognize that here at Accuride. With June being National Safety Month, we want to highlight a couple of ways Accuride’s movement solutions aid various safety agencies on a daily basis:

Emergency vehicles

Accuride heavy-duty slides can be found in firetrucks, ambulances, and police vehicles around the world.
Available with locking features, as found in our newly enhanced 9308E drawer slide, first-responders can rest assured knowing that their storage compartments will remain closed in transit.

Another feature that appeals to emergency workers is the ability for the slide to remain in the extended position without rolling back. Because of Accuride’s detent-out and lock-out features, these slides can be used as workstations and provide access to important tools, such as generators.


Hospitals and other healthcare facilities face a two-pronged dilemma: Storing medications and equipment for easy access while staying in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Accuride provides a solution to both of these issues. Our healthcare sliding solutions open every time, making it easy for staff to access equipment and medications for patients.

This is an area where Accuride’s know-how and innate problem-solving abilities come into play. We work with our customers from project start to project finish, ensuring our solutions are the best fit for the application. That means reviewing all regulations involved to make sure our solutions are compliant.


Being at sea for months on end requires reliable tools that won’t fail in a high-use environment. When the George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier was being constructed, the ship’s builder sought out reliable movement solutions from Accuride.

Accuride’s drawer slides were a part of the U.S.S George H.W. Bush’s continuing effort to “improve the material condition of the ship.”

For years, the 3832HDSC drawer slides were the preferred slides for industrial applications and projects that required a reliable self-closing/stay-closed action.

After a series of stringent rolling motion and vibrations tests, on top of our rigorous 50,000 cycle test, our slides proved to be the best solution for the ship’s needs.

Accuride movement solutions are trusted as a heartbeat tool everywhere. First-responders and safety personnel everywhere have a tough job to do, so we strive to craft flawless solutions to make their jobs a little easier. For more on our reliable movement solutions, click here.

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