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Accuride Solutions Offering Safety & Seamless Motion in Mission: Critical Environments

First Rate Hardware for First Responders

Everyday first responders across the country offer their specialized training and skill sets, compromising their own safety to protect communities in surrounding cities and counties. In the United States alone, there are over 30,000 fire, 18,000 police, and 5,000 emergency departments.

Accuride is proud to collaborate with first responders and emergency vehicle manufacturers, implementing motion solutions that streamline efficiency and equipment storage while promoting safety for personnel in mission critical situations.

Our heavy-duty motion hardware supports higher loads and includes patented features that lend an added hand. From fire truck solutions to vehicle modifications, our global engineers work hands-on to achieve custom designs that save precious space and time for workers who save lives.

US first respondersUS first responders
Fire FighterFire Fighter

Just Look Around the Corner

Not familiar with Accuride? Well your local fire department might be.

In fact, it wasn’t long ago that our own city’s fire department needed Accuride movement solutions.

Ed Andrade, lead mechanic for the Santa Fe Springs Fire Department (SFSFD), ran into a major problem when the city’s sole ladder truck saw its drawers and trays fail from collapsing runners.

That was a major problem: it’s crucial for firefighters to access life-saving equipment on the fly and with ease. As part of overseeing the fleet, Ed Andrade is responsible for standardizing all compartments on board the fire trucks, so personnel can work on any vehicle and know exactly where to find their equipment.

Engine #811–-the city’s only ladder truck-–had a troublesome compartment with electronic spreaders, cutters, and other auxiliary equipment. The problem: faulty design forced firefighters to stoop over to reach some of that equipment. That was especially difficult given that some of that hard-to-reach tools, such as spreaders, can weigh as much as 50 lbs.

Ed took this opportunity to reimagine the design of these storage compartments to make firefighters’ workflow more efficient while reducing the possibility of chronic injuries on the job.

Are you a manufacturer or upfitter of emergency vehicles?

Ed mounted the out-of-reach rescue tools using plastic brackets and steel panels. To make the equipment even more easily accessible for first responders on the scene, Ed utilized Accuride’s 9308E Lock-In / Lock-Out slide for the custom panels he built. With a 600 lb. load capacity and enhanced lever and spring, the 9308E guarantees that drawers and trays remain solidly positioned when open or closed.

For firefighters, this means equipment can remain obtainable for extended periods of time while also being securely stowed en route.

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Firefighter with SlideFirefighter with Slide

Furthermore, this solution is equipped with an optional platform bracket kit, allowing bottom- and side-mount capabilities for versatile, space-saving builds.

bottom mount bracketsbottom mount brackets

Because of Ed’s choice and trust in Accuride motion hardware, the Santa Fe Springs Fire Department can now retrieve their essential equipment and tools without hurting themselves or losing one crucial moment while providing aid and rescue to their communities. Andrade’s Accuride-infused design moves effortlessly and efficiently-–when and where it matters the most.

Side mount bracketsSide mount brackets

To see more Accuride solutions in action for the local heroes at Santa Fe Springs Fire Department, check out our video case study!


Supporting Those "First In"

On top of providing motion solutions directly to first responder teams, Accuride also works closely with companies that modify passenger vehicles for emergency and utility sectors.

One of these ventures is New Jersey’s 1st In Emergency Products. 1st In accommodates a wide scope of vehicle modifications for paramedics, firefighters, and law enforcement. Those include (but aren’t limited to) compartments for electronic equipment, custom cabinets, and communication consoles.

First InFirst In

As Vice President of Operations for 1st In Emergency Products, Ryan Dodd stresses the importance of safety, precision, and efficiency of equipment onboard emergency vehicles. Given the high stakes of protecting communities and saving lives, these vehicle modifications must consistently perform under frequent and heavy use in extreme conditions.

For 1st In’s vehicles, Dodd turns to Accuride slides for their industrial-strength and commitment to quality. Our line of 9300 products remain the most solid contenders for vehicle builds and industrial applications. For instance, the 9301E supplies up to 600 lbs. of durability for wider trays and drawers (up to 42 in.), creating a solid force for storage.

The 9307E shares the same robust load capacity but with the added benefits of a lock-out and front latch release, ensuring stored equipment remains secure while in transit. 1st in Emergency Products also utilizes the 9328E, which boasts both a lock-in/lock-out that’s released via a yellow tab and supports pocket-and-bayonet mounting that allows for a quick, tool-less installation--perfect for metal fixtures.

If you’d like to add the surefire safety and easy-access of a lock-in and/or lock-out feature to your vehicle’s existing hardware, Accuride has a solution for that as well.

Compatible with the 7900 and 9300 Series solutions, and other slides with a cross-section greater than .75”, our CBHAND Heavy-Duty Handle Kit uses a push-activated button to implement single-hand operation for drawers and trays in mobile and industrial applications. Crafted from corrosion-resistant components, this accessory kit provides a sturdy retrofit option for all sorts of vehicle modifications.

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To see more Accuride solutions in action for the local heroes at Santa Fe Springs Fire Department, check out our video case study!


High Stakes At High Seas

Not all Mission: Critical situations happen on land. Thousands of vessels traverse the high seas around the world, daily. Many of these massive ships rely on intricate command consoles for crew, passengers, and cargo to travel and arrive to their destinations safely. With tons in transported load and equipment on top of hundreds or even thousands of people en route as passengers or personnel, there is no margin for error when designing major watercraft.


Eliminating Risks

Finnish mechanical and electrical engineering experts Telemerkki Oy provide exceptional services and logistics for high-stakes environments ranging from sea-faring vessels to hospital operating and emergency rooms. Specializing in bridge consoles for the Navy and Coast Guard, medical control panels, as well as automation + motion control cabinets for major traffic applications, Telemerkki Oy is committed to delivering unwavering precision and unerring performance where safety is paramount.

With over fifty years of experience in engineering and production, Telemerkki Oy boasts a 75% export rate among domestic and international clients on top of direct custom orders. With this much demand and output, their products must remain unflinchingly reliable, crafted with motion hardware they can trust. A single mistake on a large marine vessel or traffic control panel can cost millions of dollars and jeopardize the lives of personnel and passengers.

On one of their recent projects involving a naval ship, Telemerkki utilized Accuride slides for the assembly of mechanical and electrical equipment and consoles. In particular, the bridge console is the command center onboard naval watercraft, serving as the source for strategic and navigational orders. Accuracy and quality are of the utmost importance in this area, so Telemerkki Oy chose a variety of Accuride slides to aid in providing exceptional performance in this highly technical field.

Through local distributor Carlo Casagrande, Telemerkki implemented Accuride’s 9301E model, a stellar option for any heavy-duty, mobile fixture. Handling up to 600 lbs. in load capacity and offering a standard full-extension, this solution provides solid strength with the added benefit of corrosion-resistance, which is especially useful for applications on a marine vessel consistently exposed to moisture.

Another viable heavy-duty solution for vessels on and off land is the 3607, a slide with a lock-out feature that holds hardware securely in place while extended, providing easy-access to stored items like naval maps or mechanical components that require regular maintenance. The addition of a front latch disconnect makes installation and disassembly easier than ever for hardware that’s on-the-go or interchangeable.

To learn more about Telemerkki Oy and why they choose Accuride motion hardware to ensure safety and efficiency on military marine craft and traffic control panels, read the full case study here.

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