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From electronic enclosure slides to integrated locking slides, we manufacture slides to fit your movement solution needs.


For more than 50 years we’ve worked with architects, designers, and specifiers to develop slide solutions that provide movement, positioning, and access in a vast range of applications across a broad spectrum of industries. In doing this we’ve observed and recorded some factors that need to be considered when designing with Accuride slides.

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For optimal performance, we reccomend you mount slides only as indicated in the provided technical sheet. Although most slides are side mounted, some can be flat mounted under the drawer or moving component, causing a 50 percent loss in load rating.

Side Space

It is the amount of space needed between the pullout and the case or cabinet to ensure optimal movement. Drawer width and expected load should always be considered to determine if a larger cross-section is required for the project.


The total weight of the unit assembly and its contents that needs to be accounted for in determining what drawer slide will be needed for your application.

Drawer Width

Whether used for a drawer, door, component, or chassis the width of the pullout has a significant impact on performance. If a slide does not have the capacity to support the width, side-to-side movement or racking will occur. Excessive racking will cause instability and drawer failure.


A general rule when designing with Accuride is to use the maximum length slide allowable in the application to ensure full access to contents. While most slides are full extension, we offer slides with 75 percent- and over-travel.


Accuride offers a host of special features that improve design and functionality in your application.


Just a slight push inward and the slide latch releases, propelling the drawer open 2″.

3832TR, 3832HDTR

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Bring drawers to a smooth, gentle close every time with our patented Easy-Close feature.

3832EC, 3160EC, 3135EC, 115RC, 3600EC

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Accuride Self-Close ensures your application returns to the closed position and remains there until its next use.


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Firmly holds drawers and pull-out surfaces in extended positions.

3832DO, 2109, Keyboard Tray Systems

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Keeps drawers, trays, and panels secured in closed and open positions for prolonged access.


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Locks drawers and other pull-out surfaces in extended position until released by a lever.

2907WB, 340, 3307, 9307

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Accuride products are used to provide movement and positioning solutions in a broad spectrum of industries, including:


How Do I Remove My Drawer? 2017-10-24T17:19:25+00:00

Most Accuride products come with the following types of disconnect mechanisms: Lever, Rail, Friction, and Push Latch. This video describes the operation of the disconnect mechanisms available on our drawer slides.

How Do I Determine Which Slide I Need For My Application? 2017-10-27T17:48:57+00:00

The basic factors to consider when selecting a slide are:

Drawer Width or Door Size — All products specify a maximum dimension for drawer width or door size. This is an important factor when selecting a slide.

Load rating — Each product specifies the weight that it will carry. Load rating is based on testing done with an 18″ length slide. Be sure to review the technical sheet for the products you are considering for specific load rating capabilities.

Length required — the depth of your drawer determines the slide length. As a rule, always use the maximum length allowable in the application.

Side Space available: The amount of space a particular slide requires between the side of the drawer and side of the cabinet.

The following links provide more information on slide selection. You may also contact your local distributor for assistance.

How can i mount slides on the bottom of the drawer instead of the sides? 2017-10-24T17:19:15+00:00

Also known as under mounting or flat mounting. Accuride has specific models designed to be mounted under the drawer (bottom-mounted, under-mounted, or flat-mounted).

We do not recommend flat-mounting slides that are designed to be side mounted because it reduces the load carrying capacity to less than 25% of the side-mount capacity.

How Do I Locate And Purchase A Slide And How Much Does It Cost? 2017-10-24T17:19:09+00:00

Slides installed into wood applications (i.e.: furniture or cabinetry) are purchased through the Woodworking wholesale or retail distributors.

Slides installed into metal applications are purchased through the Industrial & Electromechanical distributors.

Wholesale distributors sell to cabinet shops and other related businesses with resale licenses. Retail distributors sell slide products to the semi-professional or hobbyist woodworkers who do not require large quantities. Large volume purchases by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are the only direct sales handled by Accuride.

Click here to locate wholesale or retail distributors. Only your local distributor can provide pricing on the products you wish to purchase.

NOTE: Some products have a minimum order quantity

How Do I Get Replacement Parts To Repair A Slide? 2017-10-24T17:19:03+00:00

Most replacement parts such as bumpers, plastic rail clips, brackets, and hardware are available though our Technical Support Request. A digital picture of the part may be required for identification. When sending photos please send a JPG file. Zip files cannot be accepted. If available, replacement parts will be mailed. Delivery will take 2-4 weeks.

Note: We will notify you if the parts are obsolete and no longer available.

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