Case Study

    Accuride in Action: Moving Engineering Forward with Micado

    When designing a solution for more efficient aircraft production, Austrian-based smart engineering company Micado utilized Accuride’s heavy-duty 9301E slides and CBHANDLE locking handle system to help reduce downtime.

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    Accuride in Action: 2020 Year in Review

    2020 has challenged everyone—Accuride included. Despite these challenges, we have remained dedicated to driving movement solutions forward for our customers. With the year at a close, we wanted to reflect on some bright spots from 2020.

    Case Study

    Accuride in Action: 6 Amazing Healthcare Applications

    As the rest of the world slows down in response to COVID-19, work within the medical field is reaching lightspeed. More so than ever before, the need for efficient, safe, and reliable medical equipment is


    Accuride in Action: Optimizing Emergency Vehicles with SPAC

    A Lock-In & Lock-Out Retrofit for Greater Access and Secured Mobility First-responders already have a difficult job, made even more difficult with the onset of COVID-19. Vehicular design plays a critical role in helping first-responders

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