Accuride in Action: Creating Contact-Free PPE Storage with IVM Sustainable Micrologistics

Accuride in Action: Creating Contact-Free PPE Storage with IVM Sustainable Micrologistics

The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to a renewed focus on the need for contact-free storage, especially in medical environments. First responders and other employees must be able to access critical equipment safely and efficiently.

Thankfully, companies like IVM Sustainable Micrologistics have stepped up to deliver innovative solutions that meet these essential workers' needs. IVM's vending solutions provide companies 24/7 access to equipment using a PIN code or entry card-operated system, which tracks stock quantities at all times.

Because an automated vending system dispenses this equipment, employees can rest assured their equipment is uncontaminated, making for a more hygienic work environment.

When designing the SavePro, a new solution for dispensing PPE, IVM needed a system that would protect products during the vending process. They developed a mechanized shelf that could move up-and-down and side-to-side within the vending machine to reach the user’s chosen item. This mechanized shelf ensures products move safely to the collection point for retrieval.

IVM Vending Machine.jpg
The SavePro vending machine by IVM ensures healthcare workers can access PPE safely and efficiently.

To enhance the functionality of this mechanized shelf, IVM required a reliable movement solution. The company turned to Biotek, an Accuride distributor of engineering solutions, who recommended our 115RC Medium-Duty Linear Track System and SS0115-CASSRC 115RC Cassette with Stainless Steel Bearings for IVM’s application.

This Accuride linear track system provided IVM with a lightweight and corrosion-resistant movement solution adjusted to the exact length required for the vending machine. Additionally, the aluminum track and carriage are resistant to dust and dirt to help keep equipment sanitary during storage.

With expert design by our experienced team of engineers, this solution delivers reliable guidance and smooth movement, ensuring the SavePro's durability for years to come.

115RC Medium-Duty Linear Track System
The versatile 115RC offers reliable guidance to movable walls, sliding racks, assembly lines, and more.

Robust and dependable movement makes our custom and off-the-shelf solutions a top choice for numerous vending applications. Custom Accuride two-way slides appeared in a vending machine designed for the sale of foil balloons. To see even more vending applications, be sure to visit our Vending and Cash Handling Market Page.

No matter your industry or application, we offer a wide variety of drawer slides, linear track systems, and other movement solutions to meet your needs. For more information and to discover which solution is right for your next project, browse our online store, find an Accuride distributor near you, or reach out to an OEM Direct representative.

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