Accuride in Action: Optimizing Emergency Vehicles with SPAC

Accuride in Action: Optimizing Emergency Vehicles with SPAC

A Lock-In & Lock-Out Retrofit for Greater Access and Secured Mobility

First-responders already have a difficult job, made even more difficult with the onset of COVID-19.

Vehicular design plays a critical role in helping first-responders do their job effectively. Emergency personnel need to optimize the interior space of their vehicles in order to carry patients, staff, and life-saving equipment. The best examples come from specialized crafters who design vehicle bodies for those specific services.

Enter Spac. Founded in 1968, Spac is a French retrofitter well-known across Europe for its specially modified recreational, commercial, and emergency vehicles.

Spac is a custom modifier of commercial, emergency, and recreational vehicles. The company found the perfect blend of quality movement, convenient access, and robust design with Accuride’s heavy-duty slides and CBHand kit.

Spac wanted to upgrade the heavy-duty movement solutions that underpin its customized vehicular storage. Given the solutions’ mobile use, Spac needed them to have a lock-in and lock-out feature to keep compartments secured in transit. (Not to mention, secured when opened.)

Luckily, Spac’s distributor, Decmo, brought in Accuride to devise the perfect solution—or, rather, two of them.

The first was the Accuride 9301E.

The Accuride 9301E is a staple in heavy-duty movement. Its full-extension design and 600lb stationary load rating make it a popular choice for large drawers and trays.

Any regular to the Accuride blog reader will be familiar with this heavy-duty wonder. It’s a full-extension and non-disconnect slide that supports loads up to 600 lbs. (stationary) and comes in a variety of lengths from 12 to 60 in. Users can even mount the 9301E flatly, albeit with some loss in load capacity.

The second was the Accuride CBHand, a companion kit that adds a large handle with a lock-in and lock-out feature.

Crafted using lightweight and corrosion-resistant components, the Accuride CBHand adds a lock-in/lock-out feature to heavy-duty slides. Combined with an easy-to-grip handle, the CBHand is a practical choice for mobile applications.

The CBHand uses durable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant components that ensure functionality even in harsh environments. A large yellow button, centered in the handle, disengages the locking system when pressed, allowing users to open or close the drawer.

We’re happy to see Spac upgrade the movement in its vehicles.

Quality movement should never be compromised, especially when it comes to reliable and quick access to life-saving equipment.

Are you a retrofitter interested in movement solutions for vehicles? Visit our Transportation Market Page! There you’ll find a list of solutions, real-world applications, and downloadable resources. If you’re a manufacturer in search of a custom- or mass-market movement solution, reach out to one of our OEM specialists!

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