Houzz’s 2018 Kitchen Trends Study (In Five Minutes or Less)

Houzz’s 2018 Kitchen Trends Study (In Five Minutes or Less)

Houzz is one of the top online resources about home interior design. With that cachet, small wonder that whenever the site publishes a new survey, people in the industry listen.

So it is with Houzz’s recently published 2018 Kitchen Trends Study, which surveyed over 1,700 respondents. Houzz compiled its survey into a 38-pg. illustrated report divided into seven sections (including Methodology and Appendices).

Here are five takeaways we found in the survey:

1) From Traditional to Transitional

Homeowners are veering from traditional design to transitional. A quarter of respondents said they were pursuing a transitional design on their kitchens—the single largest design style. (By comparison, old favorite traditional pulled in just 11%.) On their blog, design group Laurel & Wolf define transitional as “design [that] combines the best of traditional and contemporary styles to create a timeless interior that everyone will love. Together, they form a perfect balance of masculine and feminine resulting in elegant designs.”

2) The Quartz Countertop is In

Engineered quartz is the top material for countertops for the third year running. An overwhelming majority–94%–of respondents said they replaced their countertops, and 42% said they splurged when it came to replacing those tops. While that’s good for quartz, granite has slid in popularity from 43% in the 2016 survey to 34% in 2018.

3) San Francisco Can’t Get a Break

San Francisco is already notorious for the high cost of living, and so it has the distinction of having the most expensive kitchen renovations. Of the top 20 US metro areas, San Francisco ranked the most expensive with an average cost of $70,000 for major renovations. By comparison, runner-up Philadelphia has a substantially lower average of $55,600.

4) Folks Hate Their Old Kitchens…

The biggest reason homeowners are remodeling their kitchens: They detest their old ones. Over 40% of respondents said they could “no longer stand the old kitchen.” Nearly the same number said they’re adding a kitchen island for their remodel. More homeowners are also embracing a fresh kitchen layout: L-shaped layouts account for 35% of remodels, followed closely by U-shaped and well ahead of galley, single-wall, and G-shaped layouts.

Houzz identified five areas that homeowners are changing in their kitchen remodels, be it materials (such as quartz for countertops), home assistants and smart appliances, and more innovative storage solutions. By Houzz Research – See more Home Design Photos

5) …But They Hate Clutter Even More

Homeowners are obsessed with clean, well-organized kitchens. A whopping 82% of respondents said they were replacing their cabinets with the aim of de-cluttering their kitchens. Built-in specialty storage is key, with respondents identifying:

  • Pullout waste or recycling cabinets
  • Cookie sheet/tray organizer
  • Deep-drawer organizers
  • Pull/swing-out trays/shelves
  • Revolving corner trays (Lazy Susan)
  • Spice organizer
  • Cutlery organizer
  • Utensil organizer
  • Pots and pans organizer
  • Small appliance garage/drawers
  • Wine and/or bar cabinets
  • Pullout corner drawers
  • Dish organizer

Of these, pullout waste and recycling cabinets accounted for 67% of new additions to kitchens, followed by cookie tray, deep-drawer, and pull-out trays.

De-Clutter with Accuride

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  • Flipper and Pocket Doors
  • Medium-Duty Drawer Slides
  • Undermount Drawer Slides
  • Linear Track Systems

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Of course, these takeaways only touch lightly upon Houzz’s comprehensive survey. Perhaps the biggest theme to emerge has been one of aesthetic and functional efficiency. Technology, such as smart appliances and assistant devices, and movement innovation, from pullout bins to hideaway organizers, are giving kitchens a clean design without compromising versatility.

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Let Accuride be your resource for creating a moving, space-saving interior! Our experts can help you with useful suggestions for crafting a beautiful, clutter-free interior. Just reach out to us on our contact page or social media to learn more!

We recommend you download and read Houzz’s full report. In the meantime, stay connected with Accuride.

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