5 All-Star Builders On Our Radar

5 All-Star Builders On Our Radar

Subscribing to the mantra “Always Moving Forward” has allowed all of us here at Accuride to encounter an abundance of talent and craftsmanship along the way. Not only do we thrive throughout the process of developing precise motion hardware, but we also remain inspired by the fresh, finished designs of our loyal customers and community of DIY’ers. With this in mind, we aim to highlight five of our favorite recent builders who brought their creative visions to life with practical savviness and Accuride sliding solutions.

1) Spotlight: BATHROOM BUILD + DESIGN — @wanderlust.conversions

Hailing from North Carolina, Wanderlust Conversions performs full to partial custom builds, upgrades, and modifications for camping vehicles–bringing their customers’ dream rigs to life with specialized expertise and an equal love of on-the-go adventure.

Championing efficiency alongside the great outdoors, Wanderlust recently wrapped up an innovative design that involved a sliding storage unit for a Nature’s Head Toilet hidden underneath a platform-style bed inside a modified Ford Transit LWB High Roof.

This ingenious space-saving technique was achieved with a little help from Accuride’s 9300 lock-out slides, which handle loads over 500 lbs. and keep hardware solidly positioned when extended. Ensuring safety and strength for mobile storage and fixtures, the enhanced 9300 series adds value to your hardware–without sacrificing quality. Thanks to Wanderlust and Accuride solutions, pit stops just got a whole lot easier for when you’re on the road and nature calls.

2) Spotlight: BED STORAGE + TRUNDLE — @mvcustom

Virginian virtuosos of custom cabinetry and architectural millwork, Mount Vernon Woodworks, LLC continually revitalizes home-scapes with beautiful yet functional cabinet and casework solutions.

Of the most recent, Mount Vernon crafted a children’s bed with a Thomas And Friends inspired train facade and storage opportunities abound. Designed with two 40-inch wide drawers and a miniature closet built into the headboard, this train-like bed fuses whimsy and efficiency for little ones becoming ‘Big Kids’.

One gets the sense that Mount Vernon truly believes in custom woodwork with a personal touch when they pose the following question to their Instagram followers: “Would you rather have drawers or a trundle bed?” Using top-quality undermount sliding solutions like Accuride’s 3160EC conceals internal hardware, child-proofing a fixture while contributing to a sleek, seamless frame overall.

Accommodating drawers up to 42 inches wide, the 3160EC also comes with a stabilizer kit that eliminates drawer racking for trouble-free movement, and our unique Easy-Close technology ensures that no drawer is ever slammed shut. Artisans of high-quality woodwork with an emphasis on home and family, MV Custom proves that our dream spaces are not only possible but maybe even easier to achieve than we originally thought.

3) Spotlight: UNDER-THE-STAIRS STORAGE — @sbt_design

Across the pond, SBT Design is a bespoke cabinet maker, furniture designer, and part-time guitar maker stationed in East Sussex, England.

Boasting over 25 years of targeted experience in building and reproducing high-quality furniture, SBT is a family-run enterprise that also lends their large breadth of expertise to kitchen cabinetry, joinery, antique furnishings, and more.

One of the latest and greatest of their recent endeavors involves an under-the-stairs storage and space-saving project. The finished design is pristine with a white finish, and the craftsmanship remains sleek and modern with staggered drawer units that don’t require any handles or knobs. SBT Design shares the following with their social media audience: “[Under-the-stairs] storage is always really popular and an amazing way to gain use of an awkward space.”

Heavy-duty motion hardware like Accuride’s 7950 and 7957 are savvy options for custom projects geared towards wider drawers and high-functioning storage, handling loads exceeding 300 lbs. and engineered to fit drawers up to 42 inches wide. We also have Touch-Release slides that create the same chic, seamless frame while also adding elements of safety and ease. Heralding collaboration and an eye for detail in woodworking, SBT Design not only executes but inspires new ideas in the field of custom cabinetry, furniture, and casework.

4) Spotlight: BUILT-IN CLOSET DRAWERS — @theawesomeorange

With a motto like “Build Loud, Build Wild,” The Awesome Orange (a.k.a. Sadie Mae) remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of DIY woodworking and building. A one-woman-shop based out of Tempe, Arizona, Sadie takes pride in crafting one-of-a-kind pieces and designs for her customers alongside Oscar, her shop dog extraordinaire.

The Awesome Orange also specializes in upcycling existing furniture with sentimental and historical value. To eliminate the need for large dressers in her own master bedroom, Sadie recently undertook the task of creating 10 built-in drawers inside her walk-in closet, chronicling the process and finished design on her Instagram page.

With the help of her new ratcheting screwdriver and easy-to-install Accuride slides (not to mention skillful craftsmanship to boot), Sadie found the process of integrating motion hardware into her built-in drawers virtually hassle-free. She even followed up with a tutorial on how to install drawer fronts for her building community!

With a host of quick-install solutions and slides with painless disconnect methods, Accuride sweats the small stuff in engineering motion hardware, so DIY’ers can keep making, aweing customers and bystanders alike. Meanwhile, The Awesome Orange showcases the pure joy of building and woodworking using quality materials and hardware–where handmade meets state-of-the-art.

5) Spotlight: CUSTOM FURNITURE — @frankswooddesigns

With over 30 years in the business under his belt, Frank’s Wood Designs is a well-seasoned enterprise dedicated to crafting custom, fine furniture for clients, friends, and family. Finding joy in the day-to-day, minute details of woodworking and building, Frank also loves antique tools and tractors–which is reflected in finished work that boasts both a vintage flair and modern twist. One of Frank’s most recent creations is a custom, stained wood desk with shallow and deep built-in drawers.

Even after decades of practice, Frank admits that “the first cabinet is the toughest [to install].” However, Frank demystified the process of installing motion hardware for his audience using Accuride drawer slides, widely known for their user-friendly ease.

In particular, Frank implemented Accuride’s classic and enhanced 3832 model for his desk frame. Designed to provide easy access to mounting holes, the 3832 is also equipped with a simple lever-disconnect, ensuring smooth and silenced movement for drawers and pull-out shelves in a wide variety of fixtures. With enhanced features, the 3832 eliminates friction, drag, and drawer racking. For more behind-the-scenes tips and pointers for DIY woodworking and fine furniture building, visit Frank’s Youtube channel.

Do you have a cool Accuride project you want to spotlight? Tag us on Instagram or use the #Accuride. You can also reach us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We’re always eager to hear from you and show off your innovative designs and creations!

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