Catch up on Accuride’s Youtube Channel: Case Studies

Catch up on Accuride’s Youtube Channel: Case Studies

Part 1: Case Studies

Exciting things are happening at Accuride International, and we can’t wait to share them with you! New partnerships are happening all the time, and the best way to keep up is by subscribing to Accuride’s YouTube channel. We have many exciting videos so keep reading for some highlights of our channel.

Maximizing Camper Van Interior Efficiency with Voyager Campervans

Our first video is a profile of Accuride’s exciting partnership with Voyager Campervans. Voyager Campervans is a camper rental service, based in Minneapolis, that provides fully furnished vans for travel. In this video, Grady Linder—Voyager’s founder—explains how his company came about, why he started it, and the role Accuride plays in providing quality interior movement.

To learn more about Accuride’s cargo vehicle solutions, visit our Truck Body & Utility Vehicle page:

Into The Wild Overland Camper Using Accuride Heavy Duty Slides

This next video is one of our favorites. In just a few years, Matt Reichel’s Into the Wild Overland has become one of Colorado’s most respected brands in off-road trailers. Each Into The Wild Overland camper is loaded with amenities for mobile living, all packed into a neat, durable, and efficient package.

Among Into the Wild Overland trailers’ amenities are a pull-out stove, sink, and refrigerator/freezer, each supported by Accuride 9308 Heavy-Duty Slides. The recently enhanced 9308 supports loads up to 600 lbs and includes a lock-in & lock-out feature.

A user can unlock the slide by just pushing down (or up, depending on the arrangement) on a tab. Accuride is proud to work with Into the Wild Overland. We love these fun, creative, and fresh uses of our products. It doesn’t get any cooler than this.

For more on Into the Wild Overland, head on over and explore our in-depth, multimedia profile on our Customer Stories page:

Accuride in Action: Adding that Finishing Touch to Fine Woodcraft

Accuride slides bring dependable movement to millions of creations by woodworkers each day. Louis Lopez is one of those woodworkers. He has been a woodworker for almost 40 years, as well as a professional modeler and clock aficionado. Louis is also vice-president of the Woodworkers of Whittier, a club of enthusiasts dedicated to woodcraft and charity. Every year, WoW crafts thousands of wooden blocks, cars, and other toys for children in need throughout the United States. In this video, we look at how Accuride 3135EC Undermount Slides gave that finishing touch to his latest creations.

Accuride in Action: 1st In Emergency Products

There are over 40,000 emergency calls every day in the Tri-State Area. That’s over 100 every hour. Fortunately, 1st In Emergency Products makes sure emergency services are prepared to handle such challenges. In this video, Ryan Dodd, VP of Operations for 1st In Emergency Products, describes the role Accuride plays in providing robust and dependable movement in emergency vehicles. Because when lives are at stake, there is no room for failure.

Learn more about Accuride movement solutions for mission-critical applications at

Bisco Industries & the Value of Partnership

For over 40 years, Bisco Industries has been delivering quality products in aviation, electronics, and manufacturing. In this video, members of the Bisco team explain how their company strives to provide the best products and service—and how Accuride helps them achieve class-leading customer satisfaction.

Santa Fe Springs Fire Department Solution

You can find Accuride movement solutions in many places—possibly even in your city’s emergency service vehicles. Many local services count on Accuride products to deliver robust and dependable access to their vehicles. One of those services is the Santa Fe Springs Fire Department, which retrofitted its trucks, including its command vehicle, with Accuride ball-bearing slides. Ed Andrade, a longtime veteran of the department, explains why his department counts on Accuride.

Challenging Notions: Polish & Power Tools

Nashville is home to many things: The Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and (interestingly enough) a life-size reproduction of the Greek Parthenon. It’s also home to Claire Baldwin, the colorful DIY personality behind Polish & Power Tools. See how she uses our 3832.

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