Accuride in Action: Finding Clarity with LVI

Accuride in Action: Finding Clarity with LVI

About one in four people around the world suffer from visual impairment. Such impairments hinder those affected from activities most take for granted – like reading. Luckily, companies like LVI work to enable those with visual impediments to take part in those activities.

Low Vision International is a Swedish designer and manufacturer of visual aids. Founded over 40 years ago, LVI has gone on to operate across Europe and North America.

LVI’s MagniLink is a family of video magnifiers that sit atop adjustable bases.

The MagniLink, an award-winning electronic video magnifier, is LVI’s best-known family of products. These systems feature a monitor atop a base with an adjustable X/Y-axis.

To achieve that movement, LVI needed a custom-made two-way slide – specifically for its new Zip and Vision digital magnifiers.

LVI turned to Accuride’s OEM Direct Team. Designers analyzed the Zip and Vision specs, worked with LVI’s own team of engineers, and devised the perfect solution

The result was a flat-mounted two-way-travel slide with a slim 1.1” (27mm) profile.

The Accuride 0363 is an off-the-shelf slide with two-way and full-extension travel.

Accuride offers several off-the-shelf dual-access solutions, including the 0363 Two-Way for home and business projects. This light-duty slide features a full-extension design and supports loads up to 100 lbs. (We even added a new maximum length of 32 inches!)

If you’re in need of a custom- or mass-market solution, visit the Accuride OEM Direct Page for more information. There you’ll find a list of services we offer, the benefits of working with Accuride, and a contact form to reach an OEM Direct rep.

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