5 Far-Out Trucks Mods (Using Accuride Slides)

5 Far-Out Trucks Mods (Using Accuride Slides)

From emergency vehicles to overland trailers or micro-living vans and SUVs, Accuride’s heavy-duty, high-performing movement solutions make space-saving and storage an absolute breeze. Inspired and impressed by the unstoppable movers and shakers within our community, we want to spotlight some of our customers’ finished four-wheel projects that capture the spirit and heart of Always Moving Forward.

Command Cabinet – (@mikeb.mai)

When converting emergency and law enforcement vehicles, you want serious support and movement you can rely on. Instagram user Michael Beardsley (@mikeb.mai) of CNC Manufacturing took this into consideration when crafting a command cabinet with roomy storage space and pull-out access from the back of a North Jersey police vehicle. Our 7957 heavy-duty, lever-disconnect slides support this type of custom cabinetry for auto vehicles, carrying loads up to 350 lbs. with .75” cross-section widths like our 9300 slides.

Kitchen + Drawer Build – (@t4r_ninja)

Recently, Florida-based DIY customizer and overland enthusiast (@t4r_ninja) shared a completed kitchen and drawer build for their Toyota 4Runner. For this Accuride customer, life on the road just got a little more comfortable with easy-access storage, a countertop that doubles as a cutting board, along with a pull-out stovetop. For basic heavy-duty stow-away space in a moving vehicle, our 9301E industrial slide will undoubtedly tackle the job. Supporting drawers up to 42″ wide, this solution also comes with an optional bracket kit that allows for a bottom or side mounts in your design–because less space should equal more versatility.

Drawer + Sleeping Platform – (@jimsmola)

When building the 42″ drawer and sleeping platform for the back of his vehicle, Instagram user and DIY woodworker Jim Smola (@jimsmola) used an Accuride undermount movement solution. Slides like our 3135EC Eclipse Undermount not only help DIY’ers work around drawer and cabinet frames with narrow side-spacing, but they also provide a finished, polished look to your overall design. Happy camping all around!

Camping Kitchen – (@mgntc_4r)

For campers and off-roaders, our slide solutions add durability and practicality to your travels. DIY’er (@mgntc_4r) took his Toyota 4Runner to the next level with hardware crafted from Baltic birch plywood for storing his overland needs: “Camping kitchen on the fly. Instead of buying a drawer system, I decided to build my own. I must say, it worked out perfectly and survived the 80+ miles off-road on the White Rim Trail.” For projects like these, our 9307E heavy-duty locking slide is a highly viable and reliable option, fit with an enhanced lock-out spring and lever to keep your on-the-go kitchen positioned wherever you call home for the night.

Overland Storage – (@trecash6850)

Virginia-based overland trail aficionado Tre Cash (@trecash6850) built a custom storage system for his very own Land Rover LR3, choosing Accuride slides for the drawers and prefabricated aluminum pull-out ramp. When storing and transporting goods and equipment, our 9308E locking slide is your best bet. The 9308E’s lock-in and lock-out capability help keep drawers and surfaces in an open or closed position, so your materials remain safe & sound from Point A to Point B.

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