Accuride in Action: Inflating Excitement with Ballooony

Accuride in Action: Inflating Excitement with Ballooony

The name “Ballooony” may sound unfamiliar, but you may soon see it at your local party store.

Ballooony is, to quote the company’s own site, “the world’s first full automatic foil-balloon vending machine.” It’s an impressive title for an impressive creation.

Balloony is an automated foil-balloon vending machine. Users order and customize their balloons via touch-screen.

Just come up to the machine, select what options you want via a touchscreen, and customize your foil-balloon to your heart’s desire. Talk about living in the future!

You can bet there’s quality behind it because Accuride plays a part in this amazing system.

Based in Germany, Ballooony’s manufacturer needed a sliding system for shifting balloons into the machine’s inflation section.

The only issue was Ballooony’s system’s innovative design: It was too innovative for an off-the-shelf option. Luckily, the company knew of Accuride.

Accuride engineers worked with Ballooony’s designers to determine the requirements in size, load capacity, and type of movement needed to make Ballooony’s machines work perfectly.

The result was a custom-made two-way slide with a 1.06 in. (27mm) side-space.

The Accuride 0363 is a popular two-way travel slide because of its full-extension design and 100lb load capacity.

Accuride offers two popular off-the-shelf models of two-way slide:

  • The Model 2002, a ¾-extension (75% travel) slide with a 50 lb. max load rating
  • The Model 0363, a full-extension (100% travel) slide with a 100 lb. max load rating

Customers can purchase the 0363 via Accuride’s Online Store. Those interested in the 2002 can find it via their local Accuride distributor.

We’re proud to have helped bring an entertaining machine to the public. We only hope to see Ballooony come to North American shores soon!

If you’re an OEM looking for a custom- or mass-market solution, visit Accuride’s OEM Direct Page. There you’ll find a list of services, benefits, and other resources you get when you partner with Accuride.

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