Popular TV and Radio Host, Adam Carolla has been using Accuride slides for 30 years!

Popular TV and Radio Host, Adam Carolla has been using Accuride slides for 30 years!

Adam Carolla has gone from popular TV show host, to popular radio show host, and finally to the world’s most-popular podcast host. Where it all started for Carolla though was installing cabinets in the California’s San Fernando Valley back in the 1980s.

A carpenter by trade before his days in the entertainment industry, Carolla spent most of his days prior to stardom, installing cabinets, and the drawer slides he almost always relied on were Accuride slides. Since his days as a professional cabinet installer, Carolla has continued to do carpentry work and build cabinets in his spare time, and still almost exclusively uses Accuride slides in his drawers.

The Accuride team took notice when Carolla mentioned Accuride on his show in August 2016 and was able to get in touch with Carolla to provide him with Accuride’s latest and greatest drawer slides for his next cabinet project. Accuride dropped off some Accuride 3832EC Soft Close Drawer Slides at his studio in Glendale, California, and was able to get a photo of the podcaster and host with his favorite slides.

Carolla even had some great things to say about Accuride slides when the Accuride team stopped by his studio.

“I’ve used Accuride slides for 30 years and have always really liked them. We have Accuride slides in the drawers all around the studio.”

Carolla put the Accuride 3832EC slides to use in a cabinet he built for his son and daughter. Perfect for high-end residential cabinets which get a lot of use, the 3832 EC slides are full-extension and bring drawers to a smooth, gentle close which is safe and kid-friendly. The slides also carry a 100-pound load rating so they can handle storing a healthy amount of school supplies, toys, or clothes.

Once the project was finished, Carolla took to his show to talk about the project and using Accuride slides. Carolla told his more than 250,000 daily listeners that Accuride’s slides allowed him to be able to build the exact cabinets that he wanted for his children, and also gave him peace of mind, knowing his children’s’ cabinets were built with trusted slides, which are built to last.

The cabinet will assuredly not be Carolla’s last project which will need premium drawer slides. Carolla is always working on new carpentry, woodworking, home renovation, and automotive projects and is sure to use Accuride slides many times in the future.

Stay tuned to the blog here and we will keep you updated on any future collaborations between Accuride and Adam Carolla.

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