Micro-Living with Accuride in Action

The micro-living movement continues to grow, featuring affordable and efficient designs for different, adaptable lifestyles Accuride solutions are used in a variety of micro-living builds, such as tiny homes, rental campers, renovated buses, and overland


How Accuride Drawer Slides are Revolutionizing Outdoor Living

Into the Wild Overland is a Colorado-based manufacturer of trailers. These robust trailers can handle tough off-road terrain. Accuride 9308E heavy-duty lock-in & lock-out slides underpin each trailer’s space-saving kitchen compartment. There are thousands of


Want to Make Micro-Living Work for You? Here’s How!

Micro-spaces (500 sq. ft. or less) are becoming increasingly popular as an affordable and efficient lifestyle. Innovative design and Accuride solutions can maximize space-saving efficiency. Examples include Accuride’s CBLift-050 for concealed TVs and 116RC


What is Progressive Movement in a Slide?

The ball bearing telescopic slide was a step forward in drawer movement. ‘Progressive movement’ is a step forward from that. Even the telescopic drawer slide has room for progress. As referenced in our Slideology series,


Has Your Drawer Slide Lost Its Smooth Movement?

5 Steps to Clean and Lubricate Your Drawer Slide Like New Like all hardware, your drawer slide’s movement can lose finesse after years of use. But before you consider replacing your slides, apply these five


All You Need to Know About Hold-In & Hold-Out Detents

A detent helps hold drawers open or closed. Most Accuride slides come with a hold-in detent. Some Accuride slides include a hold-out detent. Ever close a drawer in your kitchen, turn to do something else,


Accuride Answers: Five More of Your FAQs Answered

Ever since we launched our new website, customers like you have presented us with a slew of questions. Many of these questions go beyond ones addressed in the FAQ Section of our Resource Page. Here


Everything You Need To Know About Slide Mounting

A telescopic drawer slide is an oft-overlooked part of cabinetry and machinery. It may not get its due credit, but it’s nonetheless a sophisticated mechanism that makes a big difference. You feel that difference anytime


Slideology 201: How to Read a Data Sheet

The data sheet header answers frequently asked questions as a brief overview of the key points about a slide. Each letter in the diagram represents a measurement, seen in a table/chart in the next section.

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