How the 116RC is Changing Hospital Sliding Solutions

Accuride is releasing the new 116RC heavy-duty linear track system. This innovative system is useful in building sliding door systems, particularly those found in hospitals. The system’s lightweight track and cartridges allows for easy installation and


Using Movement to Build Better Healthcare Facilities for Patients

The profound scale and severity of COVID-19 has driven a renewed focus on optimizing the healthcare space. How can architects, contractors, and designers cultivate a healthcare environment that’s safe, convenient, and versatile? There are many


Accuride in Action: Optimizing Emergency Vehicles with SPAC

A Lock-In & Lock-Out Retrofit for Greater Access and Secured Mobility First-responders already have a difficult job, made even more difficult with the onset of COVID-19. Vehicular design plays a critical role in helping first-responders


Accuride in Action: 6 Amazing Healthcare Applications

As the rest of the world slows down in response to COVID-19, work within the medical field is reaching lightspeed. More so than ever before, the need for efficient, safe, and reliable medical equipment is

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