Micro Living

    Accuride Moves Forward into the Future with Shipping Container Architecture

    Shipping containers first transformed the transportation industry. Now, they are transforming the architectural world Architects have refashioned shipping containers into community spaces like food halls and homeless shelters, citing benefits such as environmental sustainability and

    Micro Living

    Micro-Living with Accuride in Action

    The micro-living movement continues to grow, featuring affordable and efficient designs for different, adaptable lifestyles Accuride solutions are used in a variety of micro-living builds, such as tiny homes, rental campers, renovated buses, and overland

    Micro Living

    How Accuride Drawer Slides are Revolutionizing Outdoor Living

    Into the Wild Overland is a Colorado-based manufacturer of trailers. These robust trailers can handle tough off-road terrain. Accuride 9308E heavy-duty lock-in & lock-out slides underpin each trailer’s space-saving kitchen compartment. There are thousands of

    Micro Living

    Want to Make Micro-Living Work for You? Here’s How!

    Micro-spaces (500 sq. ft. or less) are becoming increasingly popular as an affordable and efficient lifestyle. Innovative design and Accuride solutions can maximize space-saving efficiency. Examples include Accuride’s CBLift-050 for concealed TVs and 116RC

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