5 Awesome Under Stair Storage Ideas

5 Awesome Under Stair Storage Ideas

In our previous blog post on space saving solutions, we told you all about the micro-living movement that has gained momentum across North America. Now, we want to share with you five incredible under stair storage ideas and highlight the crafty builders who made them. Utilizing under stair storage space is just the start to organizing, decluttering, and revamping your home—there are infinite possibilities for what comes next. Will you turn the area underneath your stairs into an additional closet, an extra pantry, a covert library, or something else entirely new?

1. Peter Herbert Bespoke Cabinets & Joinery

Peter Herbert Bespoke Cabinets & Joinery shows us how under stair storage can work in any aesthetic. In this project, Peter made a truly special under stair boot area, personalized for this amazing home. Modifying an already gorgeous set-up, he blended this new build with the home design to create an inviting and innovative nook beneath the stairs. We could all use a little more space and color in our lives, so Peter also added another layer of sleekness with a dramatic pop of lead gray with blue undertones. To top it off, Accuride’s 3832 Enhanced Touch-Release Slide makes opening and closing these drawers effortlessly cool, eliminating the need for knobs or handles. For smaller homes with limited closet space, sliding drawers like this offer plenty of compact, discreet storage.

2. N Ledner Carpentry & Joinery Ltd.

We love this build from N Ledner Carpentry & Joinery because it shows just how drastically under stair storage can transform a space! A lovely staircase was re-imagined into a practical, stealthy bespoke storage unit. The Birch plywood drawer boxes are a timeless choice, and with different sized drawers, you can organize clothes, cooking ware, and clutter however you like. Accuride offers slides of all sizes, suitable no matter how big or small, wide or narrow, your drawers may be. For a build like this, we recommend using our 3634 Medium-Duty & Easy-Close Slide, which can support loads up to 150 lbs. for drawers up to 42’’ wide. With under stair storage, you can make the most out of micro-living.

3. Clever Closets

Clever Closets knows it’s smooth sailing ahead when you use Accuride’s slides. Founder Tony Quinn only uses genuine Accuride Touch Release runners for his unique bespoke units. In one of Clever Closets’ latest designs, Tony built a gorgeous contemporary storage space, outlined with a solid wood frame to give it a traditional feel. With Touch Release, drawers are held closed until the front is pressed open, making this a convenient and reliable way to store your belongings in a savvy way. Use this under-staircase space as an additional closet for clothes or linens, and store extra coats, shoes, blankets, and sheets!

4. McGinley’s Carpentry and Construction Ltd.

McGinley’s Carpentry and Construction are always up for a challenge, no matter how small the space. They rose to the occasion for this creative project, enhancing the features of their clients’ home. McGinley’s Carpentry and Construction optimized the narrow hallway space by adding sliding drawers, which make compact storage easily accessible. Our 3634 medium-duty slides offer additional ease, with over-travel functionality that is useful for retrieving hard-to-reach items. When it comes to maximizing minimal space, Accuride understands the importance of clean and dependable builds.

5. Matthew McCrossan

Under stair storage can elevate any space, making your home feel more coordinated and elegant. Matthew McCrossan’s under-staircase solution offers inspiration for how to use vertical space in a project like this. Pullout shelves such as these can be used for anything, from shoe storage to additional pantry space. The Ash shelving and bright light illuminate this beautiful build, and we can even picture a one-of-a-kind bookshelf being arranged here, making for the neatest library around. A heavy-duty slide is a must for projects of this design, so we recommend either our 7950 Heavy-Duty Full Extension Slide, or if you’re looking to remove a drawer, our versatile 7957 Heavy-Duty with Lever Disconnect. Both slides can support up to 350 lbs. and can make any project possible.

With under stair storage, maximizing space in your home has never been more functional and fun. There are many forms of under stair storage, and we hope these five exceptional examples have inspired you to rethink that untapped triangle. There are infinite possibilities—if you dream it, Accuride can help you build it, with plenty of movement solutions for your next design.

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