6 Discrete Designs Using Accuride Slides

6 Discrete Designs Using Accuride Slides

In this blog post, we want to inspire you with projects that offer more than meets the eye: secret drawers and surprise compartments, to name a few. Whether you’re looking to increase security or expand storage space in your home, Accuride has a solution for your needs. Here are six hidden designs that transform everyday furniture into extraordinary opportunities for extra space. What might you spy with your little eye?

1. Pocket Doors

Counter space isn’t always readily available in a kitchen. Give yourself a little more room with pocket doors. Pocket doors “disappear” into wall crevices, creating more space in a super sleek way. They are also are an easy way to revitalize your cabinets in a hallway, dresser, or closet.

Our CB1321 Pro Pocket Slides have an auto-open feature that gently springs doors forward, ensuring your pocket doors are extended fully before closing. They are also designed to eliminate scuff-and-scrape-causing impacts on your pocket doors.

Impress house guests with more than just your savory cooking—conceal kitchen appliances with this secret compartment, made possible only with pocket doors.

2. Pantry Pullout

Are you still looking for more kitchen space-saving solutions? Check out this custom-built pantry pullout from Curtis Doeve.

Curtis knows a lot about making the most of the small spaces you have. His work turns everyday cabinets into something more useful and unique. We may not think about pantry pullouts as secret compartment furniture, but their hidden design adds storage space with subtle elegance. Store spices, canned foods, condiments, and non-perishables here to free up more room in your kitchen shelves.

We recommend our 3634EC Medium-Duty Slides with Easy-Close for pantry pullout projects like this. Features such as easy-close and quiet operation add a feeling of luxury, making this secret design one keep an eye out for.

3. Puzzle Coffee Table

Puzzle lovers rejoice! The missing piece to your living room has been found. Dede Bailey of Designed Decor crafted this beautiful coffee table, which features compact, covert drawers that can easily be hidden or put on display.

For this project, we recommend our 3832E Light-Duty Slides. These tried and trusted slides fit a wide range of uses, including the pullout drawers featured in this build.

You can have it all with this hidden design: your gorgeous, functional coffee table and your unique, communal puzzle space. Transform your living room into a game room in an instant, and then turn it back with none the wiser.

4. Secret Bookcase Door

Some secrets are worth sharing. This bookcase, which doubles as a secret door, is one we have to talk about.

Designed by Ryan Scurfield of Scurfield Woodworks, this multipurpose shelf beautifully displays your book collection, photographs, and curiosities—and then opens into an entirely new room! We love the beautiful walnut finish of this particular build, which adds an extra layer of elegance to the build.

Our 116RC Heavy-Duty Linear Track System is the perfect movement solution for this hidden door, instead of traditional hinges, to keep operations subtle and smooth. Alternatively, you can try our 115RC Medium-Duty Linear Track System for lighter projects. Invite a little magic into your home with this exciting addition.

5. Concealed Desktop

Your home office is an essential part of your living space. When work responsibilities spill over into the weekend, you need a place to get work done reliably. Why not make the most of this space with a secret compartment for your most valuable technological asset: your computer?

To achieve this concealed desk transformation, use our Ascent CBLift-0019. This technical lift is uniquely engineered with a slim and compact design and allows you to lower and raise your device from your work area with a simple push. For additional tidiness, add a keyboard tray using our 2109 Light-Duty Slides, which allow you to effortlessly hide your keyboard under the table to free up space. Organization has never been so slick or so simple.

6. Secure Cabinetry

When it comes to security, collectors know only the best will do. Keyholes and keypads, however, can detract from the careful design of showcases. If you want a secure way to present collectibles, consider Senseon. Senseon is an award-winning system that brings building access control to the cabinet-level.

Commercial-grade concealed locking systems such as Senseon’s RFID locking system guarantee that your valuables will stay safe while stored in your home. Jim, a collector, uses Senseon because it’s a low-profile and easy-to-use locking system that he could install once and not have to tend to it regularly.

With this build, you can protect your collectibles without sacrificing design, so your treasured collectibles are the only things on display.

Secret storage spaces don’t have to be complicated. These hidden designs provide polished aesthetics, as well as practical functionality. We love the versatility displayed in plain sight and the extra belongings stored away safely. Accuride can help you build it, secure it, and store it securely. There are infinite possibilities for what furniture you might repurpose—what will you create next?

Have you designed secret compartment furniture before? Show us your top-secret projects! Tag us on Instagram or use the #Accuride for a chance to be featured. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube and keep an eye out for more hidden designs.

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