Five Most Frequent Questions About Accuride Drawer Slides

Five Most Frequent Questions About Accuride Drawer Slides

  • We receive many questions about our products, often about choosing the right model or where to buy.
  • This post looks at the five most frequently asked questions including how to mount Accuride slides and how to remove a drawer.
  • Didn’t find an answer to your question? Speak to Accuride’s Technical Support for help.

We at Accuride receive many questions about our products, often about choosing the right model or where to buy. And your questions are important to us—because you, our audience, is what drives us forward.

Below are five of the most frequent questions, and their answers, we receive. You can find a thorough list of Q&As on our Troubleshooting Page.

Without further delay:

How do I remove a drawer?

Most Accuride drawer slides have one of four types of disconnect mechanism:

  • lever
  • rail
  • friction
  • push latch

All you need to do is use one of these mechanisms on your slides to disconnect the members and remove your drawer. You can find out more about disconnect methods from our earlier Slideology 101 blog post “The Art of the Disconnect.”

How do I choose the right slide?

Determine these four factors:

  • How wide is your drawer?
  • How much will your drawer carry?
  • How deep is your drawer?
  • How much side space (the space between the drawer and cabinet) is there?

Every Accuride drawer slide has:

  • maximum drawer width
  • maximum load rating
  • selectable length
  • minimum side space

For example, the 3832 Enhanced Classic has:

  • a 24-inch max drawer width
  • a 100-pound max load rating
  • availability in even lengths from 6 to 28 inches
  • a half-inch side space

You can find more information on the Accuride product page, the product tech sheet, or our Drawer Slide Page.

How do I under-mount instead of side-mount a slide?


There are two options:

First, you can select an undermount slide. Accuride offers the Eclipse Easy-Close Undermount Series for this. These slides handle loads up to 100 lbs.; depending on the model, handle drawer widths up to 60 in.; and are available in various lengths from 12 to 28 in.

Second, you can apply a bottom-mount bracket to a side-mount drawer slide. Accuride’s clip-on bracket only works on certain models:

  • 2109
  • 2132
  • 3732
  • 3832E Classic
  • 3832EDO
  • 3832ESC
  • 3832EHDSC
  • CH3832

We don’t recommend under- (otherwise called platform- or bottom-) mounting side-mount slides. Doing so reduces max load capacity to less than 25% of its side-mount rating.

How do I find and buy an Accuride slide?

You can find, price and order Accuride slides for wood furniture through woodworking wholesale or retail distributors. You can similarly find slides for metal applications through industrial and electromechanical distributors. Accuride handles large volume purchases for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

To find a local Accuride distributor:

  • Select your industry from the left drop-down menu.
  • Select your state or region, or type your address/zip code on the right menu.

If you have trouble finding a distributor, you can contact us directly and we’ll help you!

How do I find replacement parts for my slide?

Speak to Accuride’s Technical Support to replace parts such as bumpers, brackets, and rail clips. A support rep will tell you if that part’s available and when it can be delivered.

Did you find an answer to your question? How did we do? Send us any feedback—what you liked, didn’t like, or wish we added. We’re always listening and we want to hear from you!

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